Tyre Pressure Monitoring System on BMW MINI in Basingstoke

Yesterday afternoon we were called out to the Basingstoke College of Technology where a lady had advised us that her Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) was indicating a sudden loss of pressure on her Run-Flat tyres, she was concerned that it was a puncture!


Sadly this was all too common for this lady and had already happened twice before in the past year. On both previous occasions, she had taken the vehicle to the local Mini dealership where they replaced the tyres. On this occasion, she decided to use us as we have had many prior experience with these vehicles. Attending at the workplace, I scanned the system and identified the tyre with the issue. But, it was fully inflated. Checking all the other tyres, they were all the same pressure, albeit one was 2psi down but nothing to be concerned about – tyres naturally loose pressure over the course of a few months.

As most older Mini's use Indirect TPMS, they will alert the driver of an issue if there is a change in rolling radius of the tyre (it continually measures and calculates this via the ABS ring). If there is a large enough knock to the tyre then it can trigger the system to send a warning.

After a final inspection of the vehicle to make sure there was no damage, I reset the system from the inside of the car and left the lady to her day of work having noted that if there were any issues later down the line to contact me as soon as possible or to call the office on 0333 444 5454.

If your TPMS is showing a warning message or you've just noticed a flat tyre, give us a call on 0333 444 5454, book an appointment online here or send us an email to!


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