Locking Wheel Nut Keys, Lost but not Forgotten! | Hometyre Mobile Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service

Locking wheel nuts are an integral part of the modern vehicle. Introduced alongside the alloy wheels, these nuts are meant to deter thieves by being a unique pattern or having an additional piece of security such as a cover or spinning collar.

There are two main methods to removing locking wheel nuts, invasive and non-invasive.

In a best-case situation, we will use the non-invasive method as this reduces the amount of damaged caused to the locking wheel nut. By placing a brass puck on the nut and hitting hard many times, this puck will start to deform and take the shape of the nut allowing us to safely and conveniently unscrew them.


However, for cases where there has already been damage to the nuts or they have been heavily over-tightened, we will need to use an invasive method. Using a sharp brass insert, this is hammered onto the locking nut’s face breaking into the metal whilst slowly turning using a large amount of force. After a few hits, the nut will start to loosen and from there can be removed by hand.

Hometyre service vehicles do not carry replacement locking wheel nut devices or spare wheel nuts/bolts for any vehicle. Sourcing of these items can be undertaken by request. We only recommend the use of original equipment locking wheel nut systems.

This service cannot be booked online - please call our support team now for POA on 0800 783 9310 or 0333 4445 454 or complete the form below during out of hours times.


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