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Code: 3153520VSWNTRFXL

-Directional & symmetric tread pattern design
Modular block geometry
Sipes catch the snow that, thanks to the directional tread, remains uniformly held on the tyre surface;

- Optimised and balanced braking forces.

- Improved handling on snowy surfaces and reduces the braking distance in all winter driving conditions.
Improves traction, lateral force during cornering, slalom and lane change situations

- Circumferential grooves: two and four groove version Improves water expulsion Excellent wet handling and wet braking performance

Fully fitted price from £546.35 each

Price includes VAT, mobile fitting, valve and balancing by our expert Hometyre fitter


315/35 R20 110 V Standard car tyre, Cold weather tyre, Run-on-Flat tyre, Extra Load tyre   BMW fitment.

EU tyre label

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