Worried about insurance implications of winter tyres?

With winter now starting to take a grasp of the nation, there are many motorists nationwide making the switch over to cold weather tyres. If you've never experienced the benefits of these products before, you really would be amazed at the dramatic improvements in cold weather driving. These tyres maintain grip at all temperatures, unlike summer type tyres which harden at zero degrees and below and continue to lose traction thereafter.

In terms of overall vehicle safety, handling and braking performance during our cold, wet and dark winter months, there really is no equal. That said, every year we hear a similar tale or two from clients who have spoken to their insurers prior to fitting these tyres to check if there would be any issues.
Sadly we also encounter stories where said insurers are either charging additional premium values or even suggesting that policies could be made void through the fitment of these items too!
It is
misleading and an utterly deplorable stance for any insurer to either charge for or attempt to prevent a motorist from improving theirs and other motorists/pedestrians safety due to a total lack of understanding of cold weather rubber or indeed just to enterprise.

So... To help clear up any confusion please see below the OFFICIAL line from the ABI (Association of British Insurers) with regards the use of cold weather/winter tyres:


Motor insurers recognise that some motorists may wish to fit winter tyres to their car during cold weather. Motor insurers recognise that, whilst no substitute for common sense driving, winter tyres can have a positive impact on improving road safety. In the past there has been some uncertainty for insured customers about the insurance premium implications of fitting winter tyres to their cars. To assist in reducing this potential uncertainty, the ABI has produced the Commitment set out below which sets out the position of those named motor insurers in respect of the impact on the insurance premiums of their insured customers if a customer wishes to fit winter tyres to their car. As can be seen, often motor insurers will not charge an additional premium when their insured customers use winter tyres, provided that they meet, and are fitted in accordance with, the vehicle manufacturers' specifications and are in a roadworthy condition. However, some motor insurers may require you to contact them to let them know if you do choose to fit winter tyres. The name of your insurer and their contact information can be found on your insurance policy documentation (summary details are provided below). It is important to remember that sometimes your motor insurer may be different from the company that sold you your insurance policy. This Confirmation will apply from 3rd September 2015 to 2nd September 2016 at which time it will be reviewed. Please note that this Commitment only applies to cars used for personal use that are insured under a private or personal use car insurance policy.

The commitment of insurers:

The insurers named below do not require the payment of any additional premium if customers decide to fit winter tyres to their cars, provided that the tyres meet, and are fitted in accordance with, the relevant vehicle manufacturers' specifications and are in a roadworthy condition whilst in use.

A full list of these  insurers can be found here.

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