Why does my tyre keeping losing pressure?

If you're putting air in your tyres and keep finding they are gradually losing air but at a faster pace than you would expect, you could have an issue with your tyres. The first of which could be a slow puncture, this could be caused by something like debris or a foreign object piercing the tread of the tyre.


If this object is embedded in the central ¾ of the tread then there is a chance we could repair it, unfortunately if it is outside of this area it would render the puncture not repairable and we would need to replace the tyre. For more information on whether a puncture is repairable, click here.

Another reason your tyre is losing pressure could be down to a faulty or damaged valve. If you have corrosion on your valve stem it could cause air to leak out of the tyre which will lead to a flat tyre! Loose or dirt-clogged stems could also cause air loss.

You also may experience pressure loss due to impact damage, did you hit a kerb or have a collision with a pot hole recently? Even if this did not occur within the days before the pressure loss, a collision as long ago as a few weeks could be causing problems. When the collision took place it could have resulted in a small bulge or tear in the tyre that has leaked air so slowly you have only just noticed.

You could also have cracked your rim during a collision, once a rim is cracked it could prevent the tyre from sealing correctly, therefore resulting in a loss of pressure.

One thing to remember is that once your tyre is leaking air once, it will not fix itself! It will continue to leak air no matter how many times you continue to put air into the tyre it will not stop leaking out. The chances are, the longer you leave it, the more long term damage could be caused and the more expensive it will be to fix it.

Give us a call today and we can come out and do a full inspection of your tyres, find the problem and rectify it! We always bring a potential replacement tyre on board in case we need it.


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