We Think it's Spring?

In which case, it's time to dust off the caravan/motorhome and classic car ready for what we all hope will be a great summer ahead - certainly after this winter!

Remember that these vehicles have been sat idle for months on end and more often than not, routed to the spot. It's during these fallow periods that tyres can really suffer from ultra violet light degradation and flat spotting - certainly the older they are.
Tyres have a shelf life, and they also have a useable life in terms of age. For infrequently used vehicles such as caravans, this should ideally be no more than 6 years from date of manufacture (which is stamped on every tyre). This risk of failure rapidly increase at this point irrespective of how much tread they have left. 

Tyres are made from an organic product - rubber. This ages and becomes more brittle. 

Don't leave it to chance when you're off on a break. Check and replace if in doubt. There's no hassle with our friendly mobile service! We bring everything to you - wherever you are and have a vast range of tyres available for all applications. We're also experience TYRON™ band installers too.

We're looking forward to looking after you! 


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