Tyre Safety Month is almost over...

To celebrate the end of Tyre Safety Month, this week is a great chance to get outside and check those tyre tread depths!

It only takes a matter of minutes to check your tread depths, click here for an easy guide on how to check your tyres.

Now the clocks have gone back, it feels as if winter is really hitting us hard, the nights are noticeably darker and the weather is noticeably colder. Many people opt for winter tyres at this time of year but if you are planning on keeping the same tyres on all year round the best thing you can do is look after them!


New tyres legally must have a tread depth of 8-9mm, when your tyres get down to approx 3mm this is around the time we would recommend you look at changing them. The legal minimum tread depth for a car or light commercial tyre is 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central ¾ of the tyre. If they drop below this and you get stopped by the police, you're risking a fairly large fine!

If your tread depth is under 3mm the performance of your tyres will be reduced, this is even more prominent during the winter months when rainfall can be heavier and there is a risk of ice on the road.

When you have a tyre changed with Hometyre we will inspect all tyres on your vehicle, recording all tread depths and sending a detailed report to your email address. We also check all of your tyre pressures and make sure they are as they should be, this also helps to prolong the life of the tyres and lower the risk of a blow out.

If you need a tyre change at home or at work before the winter properly hits, call us today to get booked in!

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