TPMS Expert 2022! Wednesday 8th June was a Winning Day for Hometyre...

Our local mobile tyre fitter in Milton Keynes, Craig Schwartz, made it to the final of the Autogem TPMS Expert Competition 2022 after the qualifying sessions with over 1,000 applicants at the end of April 2022 and was all set to attend the final at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event 2022.

He was met by a panel of independent judges, put together with a mix of professional journalists and some well-known high profile industry figures. All contestants were given the same scenario of 2 people going on a road trip in a brand-new vehicle they had just purchased. They knew nothing about the vehicle and the Tyre Pressure Warning Light had just come on…


Time To Call in The TPMS Experts... 

The tyre technicians were given 15 minutes to inspect and diagnose the TPMS fault with the vehicle using their TPMS diagnostic equipment. All of our Mobile Tyre Fitting Vans across the UK carry this equipment on board and are fully trained in the diagnostics, repair and replacement of TPMS units.

After they had identified the fault(s), their next task was to explain their findings, suggestions and resolutions for the problem to the "customer" (otherwise known as a judge in this instance!). Following their explanation, the customer had to let them know whether they were happy to go ahead with the work on the vehicle based on what was diagnosed and how it had been explained to them – the customer consultation was separate 15 minute section of the competition.

The final stage was a 10 minute window with Autogem's own TPMS expert, this is where the technical jargon came in handy and Craig wowed the judge with his expert knowledge!


We're really proud to have won such a great award amongst other fantastic competitors and to be awarded by an industry leader, you can read more about Craig's win by clicking here.

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