Top tyre for Spring 2016 - the Continental Sport Contact 6

As we previously mentioned, now is a good time to start thinking about switching back to your summer tyres, one of the first things to check is that your current summer tyres are in a safe and legal condition. The tread depth is not the only thing you need to look out for, even if the amount of useable tread is perfectly adequate if your tyres were made 5 or more years ago cracks may begin to appear, you can check the age of your tyre by the dot code (date stamp) shown on the sidewall. This will be denoted by either 3 numbers if manufactured before 2000, or 4 numbers from 2000 onwards, for example '269' would be the 26th week of 1999, or 2210 would represent the 22nd week of 2010.

There are many new tyre releases ready for Spring 2016, one of which is the Continental Sport Contact 6. Although originally launched towards the end of last year, it is a summer tyre so will really show its true performance abilities in the coming months. The tyres predecessor has been criticised for lacking in that 'sporty' feel, despite being excellent on wet grip, braking performance and high comfort levels, reviews often claimed it needed that extra push.


Continental have certainly listened to these critics when designing and engineering the Sport Contact 6, the new design features the Black Chili compound, offering maximum grip which leads to better acceleration and shorter braking distances in both wet and dry conditions. This compound combined with a development in the tread pattern has shown improvement towards steering precision and overall stability. The tyre also features a new adaptive hybrid cap ply, Aralon350™, enabling maximum stability at speeds of over 200mph.

The Sport Contact 6 initial launch showed 41 sizes being released for rims with a diameter between 19 and 23 inches and are expected to release further sizes dependant on the popularity of the product. To find out if we have your size available in the Continental Sport Contact 6 or many other premium brand tyres, please call our sales team on 0800 783 9310.

Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ


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