Time to start thinking about the dreaded winter months?

Well none of us can really complain about summer this year can we? From early April we've all experienced a good old fashioned British summer! Long bright days with plenty of sunshine and just the odd shower here and there....

On the roads, apart from those days following prolonged hot and dry spells where rainfall brings out all the greases and oils, generally, grip and overall conditions have been good (we won't discuss pot holes!). This does sometimes lull us into a fall sense of security in terms of our tyres though!
An older tyre with very little tread will provide exceptional levels of grip in the dry and heat but quickly turn against you when the weather drops a few degrees and the damp starts to return. Have you taken a closer look at your tyres lately? Do you rely on an MOT or service before they're looked at?

Checking your tyres is easy and beyond nobody at all. It's just a simple check that we should all perform with regularity. Do it next time you go to the car! Not sure how? Read through here for simple instructions!

September brings not just the potential for an Indian summer but also an early an unexpected/unwanted cold snap too. Countless motorists across the Uk are turning to cold weather tyres each year to provide added safety and surefootedness to their vehicles and travel. Routinely swapping summer type tyres for winter tyres in October used to be a trend exclusive to mainland Europe - now it's become far more popular on our shores too!

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need snow or ice present to gain the benefit of these products either. Just colder, wetter weather will highlight massive improvements in braking, cornering and handling abilities. Once converted, we note that drivers will almost refuse to drive during the winter months on anything less!

Find out more here or call us for more information and advice! Be safe this autumn and winter.



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