Spring Tyre Season 2013

As February looms and the last few weeks of cold weather have been replaced with the more traditional milder and wetter weather - we're already starting to supply and fit tyres and Tyron bands to caravans and motorhomes in preparation of the forthcoming season!

Has your caravan been stored for the winter? Are your caravan tyres five years or older? With the covers coming off and the advance spring cleans starting to happen, don't forget to be extra vigilant with your tyres.

Prolonged standing can cause a tyre to misshape and often require considerable miles to warm up and reform. Also, exposure to the sunlight can lead to cracking and perishing of the sidewalls and tread areas. Don't ruin your holiday this year as a result of a blown out tyre. This can be both time consuming and costly in terms of further damage to your vehicle.


Tyron bands are a great safety feature for any caravan or motorhome alike. Preventing the tyre from being able to leave the wheel in the event of a deflation these mechanical devices are fitted into the wheel and have saved countless lives and vehicles in over thirty years of use. Originally designed for military use, Tyron bands can be fitted to almost any vehicle but are especially useful on caravans and motorhomes where tyres are often a considerable distance from the driver.

Hometyre technicians bring the entire fitting centre directly to your door - at home or the storage facility to replace/repair tyres and fit Tyron bands. Call us for more information now or to book in. 0333 444 54 54


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