Summer Holiday Tyres!

Ok, so the two things don't exactly roll off the tongue well, or sound particularly fun! But.... dismiss at your potential peril these words : ) :

It's been a bit of a weird year so far, we think it's fair to say! But with a fair amount of normality having returned and the UK being the most likely holiday destination for most of us now - it means that your car/van/caravan/motorhome etc is going to be the transport mode of choice for your jollies!

And don't forget (as if you could) that for many, these things were parked up doing nothing for weeks, and sometimes months on end, and probably a case of out use out of mind as well. So you really really don't want to have had to wait all this time for a proper holiday only to have it ruined by a simple tyre!

And it can and does happen everyday - many times over! A simple pre-emptive check over and a few minutes of visual inspection can save you an enormous amount of inconvenience, disappointment and even at worst - injury or more.

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Tyres are predominantly a natural product - rubber! They can suffer wear, deterioration, cracking, splits and even strain from standing for a prolonged period. Loading up with people, luggage and fuel then rolling at speed puts enormous strain on your tyres if they're older, worn or poorly inflated!

Worried about visiting a tyre fitting centre due to COVID? Running out of time before the holdiay? REALLY don't like visiting tyre fitting centres anyway?

You're at the right place, right now! Order online or call us now for information, booking and assistance. Our mobile tyre fitters come directly to you at home, work - in fact wherever there's accessibility in the many multiple locations we cover all over the UK!


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