Tyre fitting with a difference, in Sussex

Every now and then we encounter a bit of a jaw dropper in this line of work. From very odd things found stuck in tyres - to very odd things left in car boots too!

We also hear things from customers about their experiences at other garages or with other fitting centres.

As a tyre retailer, our mobile tyre service units are configured to remove and replace all the types of vehicles we work with - and all the sizes and varieties of wheel/tyre combinations too. It seems this isn't a standard mirrored across the industry though.

Upon a very recent on-site visit to a new customer in Sussex, our technician Mark, discovered a highly unusual fitting technique had been employed to fit this clients 19" tyres. Without the suitable equipment (and necessary skills) required to fit these tyres, they had opted instead to soak paper towels in oil and place them around the rim of the tyre in order to allow it to be fitted over the wheel. Now they're tight tyres to fit due to the size of them but still....
So a somewhat unorthodox technique that subsequently caused air to leak out where the seal was broken by the paper towels. This process clearly took some time as well since the customer was quite surprised to watch Mark remove and refit another tyre in just a few short minutes without any issues.

The customer pointed out that the previous work carried out was cheap.   


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