Puncture Repair on ContiSeal Tyre | Mobile Puncture Repairs on Seal Tyres

What vehicles are fitted with Seal tyres from factory?

These “self sealing” tyres are mostly found on vehicles from the Volkswagen group – more commonly on VW, Skoda and Seat.

How do I know if my car has Seal Inside tyres?

If you’re unsure whether your vehicle has standard tyres or Seal tyres, you can check the sidewall of the tyre for more information! Next to the brand of the tyre, it will say something along the lines of “ContiSeal” or “Seal Inside”, both shown below!

CONTI_SEAL SealInsideTyre

Can you repair a puncture on a ContiSeal tyre?

A common question we get asked! Can we repair these tyres? The answer is YES!

It is a little trickier than repairing a standard puncture, however with a little hard work and a bit of effort we can repair them, as long as the puncture is safely and legally repairable. To find out more about what renders a puncture repairable, click here!

Is a Seal tyre the same as a Run Flat tyre?

No! Run-Flat tyres are designed to support the vehicle in the event of a puncture, this is done with a hard reinforced sidewall which allows you to run the tyre when deflated. Whereas self-sealing tyres will plug the hole up after a puncture, stopping air from escaping. This is done by an inner layer of sealant material along the tread.

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