Locking Wheel Nut Removal | Commonly Asked Questions

We take various phone calls from across the country every day from customers who require a Locking Wheel Nut Removal. Whether that be because they've lost their key, damaged their key or the nuts have previously been overtightened - just to name a few!

At Hometyre, we're here to help! We have a high success rate in removing those pesky little nuts by using the specialist locking wheel nut removal tooling we carry on board our mobile tyre fitting vans.

What Is A Locking Wheel Nut Key?


Example of Locking Wheel Nut Key

The Locking Wheel Nut was originally designed to protect your alloy wheels from being stolen. Each individual set of locking wheel nuts will be matched to a unique key with an indent that matches up to that of the nut.

They are fitted as a set of 4, 1 per wheel, alongside standard wheel nuts. Most new cars come with locking wheel nuts as standard and as a result of this "wheel theft" in the UK is at an all time low.

The easiest way to remove these nuts is with the specific key and pattern to match, meaning if you lose or damage your locking wheel nut key, removing your wheels is going to be a little trickier!

Luckily, here at Hometyre, our mobile tyre fitting vans are fully kitted out with the correct tooling and an experienced technician to endeavour to remove them.

Where Do I Find My Locking Wheel Nut Key?

It's usually the way that you don't even think to look for your locking wheel nut key until you end up with a puncture! If you're faced with a puncture and you're not sure what a locking wheel nut key is, let alone where to find it, relax!

Most manufacturers will have a standard location for the locking wheel nut key within each vehicle, but once it has been used once, this may change! The previous person to use your locking wheel nut key may well have found it in the boot and returned it to the glove box! There is no right or wrong answer to this question, the best way to find out is to get digging!

Some common places to find your locking wheel nut key are listed below

  • Glove box
  • Boot - including all of the separate compartments
  • Some vehicles may have hidden compartments under the seats
  • Pockets at the back of the front seats
  • Cup holders
  • Door pockets
  • Ash tray
  • Under the boot carpet
  • Under the spare wheel

If you cannot find your locking wheel nut key in any of the above locations, don't panic! Just call Hometyre and we can come out to a location of your choice and remove your locking wheel nuts for you.

To find out more about our methods of removal, click here or call 0333 444 5454 to chat to a member of our friendly team!



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