Tis the Season to Check Rubber....

Tra la la la laaaaa la la laaa laaaaa.
It's got a ring to it...?

On a serious note though, with all the fuss and panic over Christmas shopping, food shopping and planning, planning planning etc, it's really easy to neglect your car at this time of year. With the shorter and colder days here too, we're all less likely to wash the car or bother to check it over before a journey.


A few minutes braving the cold though could well save you far more than just a few points and a fine...
At this time of year, your tyres are super important. Low tread means low grip, poor steering and poor braking - all things you really don't want to suffer out on the roads.
Did you know that in every tyre there are little blocks in the grooved area of the tread? These blocks (called TDIs Tread Depth Indicators) are preset at 2mm, which is the lowest point you should run your tyres to. If any part of the tyre is flush with one of these blocks, it's time to replace. Easy!

And remember, if you're busy, we bring the entire fitting centre directly to you, wherever you are and at spcific times of day to suit. With low prices and ultimate convenience - make sure that travelling this winter is safe and surefooted.

Hometyre also supply a full range of all-season and winter tyres too. Call us for more information. 0800 7839310



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