Is My Car on Run-Flat Tyres?

Earlier this week we had a phone call from a customer in Milton Keynes who was looking to get a new tyre fitted to their vehicle. They gave us the tyre size 225/45R17 and specified that they were looking for a run-flat tyre. Our team member responded by asking what model the BMW was, to which they responded it was an Audi A4.

The reason we assumed it was a BMW is because Run-flat technology was developed to support BMW (and its sister brands, Mini etc). However, over the years some other manufacturers have adopted the technology such as Mercedes on their new A Class, C Class and E Class models and Nissan have trialled it in the Skyline GTR models.

For Run-flat tyres to work the Rims (Steel or Alloy) have to have a retaining lip that the beads sits in (or retains in), this means when the tyre loses pressure due to a puncture the tyre then doesn't go "slack " and deform and go "flat". Run-flat tyres are designed to support the vehicles mass whilst driving for a short distance without the tyre being pressurised.

Your tyre may also say 'RFT' on the sidewall of the tyre if it is a run-flat, see below. 


After asking the customer why they assumed it was a run-flat tyre they told us it was because it did not have a spare tyre. A lot of modern vehicles will not come with a spare tyre, this is no indication that it is a run-flat tyre. If the tyre is flat to the floor, much like this customer's tyre was, it will just be a standard tyre.

After a brief conversation about what had happened to the tyre we found out they had hit a kerb the night before and badly damaged the sidewall, unfortunately this meant the tyre was not repairable due to sidewall damage.

So, a new Pirelli 225/45R17 P7 Cinturato was fitted later that day and the alignment checked free of charge. The customer was left with all the other tyres checked for tread depth and pressure, along with being a little more educated on their tyres.

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