How Green is Blue?

After years of persuasion to 'go green' and protect the environment, that message appears to now be an integral part of our lifestyle and purchasing processes.

The emphasis now is all about blue!

Blue is the globally recognised colour for efficiency and this has become an important factor in the development, production and subsequent consumer decision making process concerning tyres.

New EU tyre labelling -

Similar to the efficiency ratings you find on washing machines and refridgerators - new EU tyre labels now provide information relating to fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise emissions.

Tyre manufacturers are now concentrating efforts on creating the best performing tyres in respect of these key measurements. With fuel prices reaching unparalleled highs, we as consumers are demanding more for our money - without compromising on safety.

Already, the worlds largest tyre manufacturers have rolled out new products that have superb performance characteristics - such as the DUNLOP BLURESPONSE 205/55VR16 passenger car tyre as an example below. All three performance measurements are very much in the 'green' having scored an overall B for rolling resistance (Fuel efficiency) - A for wet braking - and a low 68dB external noise emission output as shown below.


BLUE is very much the new green when it comes to tyres! Hometyre supply a huge range of new tyres, fitted by our team of mobile tyre fitters across the UK. Our online shop provides you with all the necessary labelling information and keen prices to make the most informed decision about your new tyres.

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