Good news for unsuspecting motorists

In one of the first cases of what appears to be a national clampdown on part worn tyre traders,  Lincolnshire based Moss Tyres proprietor Luke McKenzie has been found unanimously guilty by jury on 16 accounts of being in possession to supply dangerous products to consumers. 

Specifically relating to the sale of unsafe used tyres, the defendant faces up to 12 months in prison along with a £20000.00 fine.  

Part worn tyre retailers have grown in numbers across the UK since the start of the recession - preying on the innocence of motorists who believe they would be buying a safe product at a discounted price. The reality in many cases however is that unsuspecting motorists are simply buying discarded tyres that are unfit for use for varying reasons and actually paying a higher price per usable mm of tread.  

Motorists should always ask themselves a very simple question before considering the purchase of used tyres: - "when have you ever needlessly replaced the tyres on your car?"  The answer is ALWAYS "never". This applies to motorists the world over - Germany included! Tyres are almost only ever replaced when they are worn out, old and perished, or have suffered unrepairable damage. 

Economy brand new tyres represent far better value for money than a used tyre. If you are buying to a budget, call us now for further assistance. We have a huge range of tyres available to suit all pockets. Tyres are so often sadly overlooked as a safety feature. The reality is that your tyres literally save your life every time you drive your vehicle. Is it really worth reducing the odds with someone else's reject tyres?


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