OE Marked Tyres, Why are they More Expensive?

Most of us know that tyres come in all shapes and sizes. From a 195/40 R17 tyre to fit a Ford Fiesta through to a N0 through to N4, then you have Porsche tyres!

But why the pedantics?

Well, vehicle manufactures always strive to ensure their vehicles are performing the best. They will change the internal engine, exterior and interior design to be the best possible (within budget) But, the one thing they can't change on their own, is the tyres. Let's take Pirelli for example, the original fitment for Ferrari. When comparing the internals of a Ferrari fitment tyre to a standard tyre, they will be completely different. The first thing you will notice is the bead. The bead is the hard metal band that slots into the groove of the tyre and stops air from leaking from the rim. In standard tyres, it is usually a thick band compromised of small steel bands woven together. However, for the Ferrari marked tyre (depending on the model) the inside band can be square, triangular or oval shaped. All have their own characteristics.


It's not only the bead on the inside of the tyre that changes, it can also be the compound that the tyre is made of. Depending on the compound used to create the tyre, it can completely change the wear rate, top speed and even the grip rating of the tyre. Unlike swapping over a steel track rod end to a lighted aluminium one and only the best drives noticing the difference, having a dedicated fitment tyre on your vehicle (compared to non fitment specific tyres) can dramatically alter the handling.


The most extreme and necessary fitment is for Teslas. As electric vehicles produce torque from effectively 0 RPM, the tyres need to be able to withstand such force instantaneously. Not only are Tesla tyres slightly more in cost (due to the higher quality compounds used) but are also much rarer. We aren't sure why but it seems as though Tesla dealerships are snaffling them up as soon as the come onto the market! In terms of the Tesla Model 3, well, finding tyres for those is like finding hens teeth! Although, we have managed to get some in the past with a bit of help from our friends in the tyre supply chain.

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