Corroded valve in Thetford

Hometyre Norfolk, the mobile tyre fitting service that comes to you, received a phone call from a repeat customer in Thetford. We had previously been to a Peugeot 207 for this customer and fitted two budget tyres (205/45R17 88W). The customer was having problems with a valve leaking, they could not get air into the tyre. As it happens I was only minutes away and I popped straight round to see what the problem was.

The issue was due to the valve, it was a tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS) valve. The stem of the valve had corroded and snapped, due to the corrosion and age. As the customer was trying to put the air into the tyre, it simply snapped. Corrosion is a common problem  with metal valves, especially when you have metal dust caps on metal valves in this cold weather, metal on metal corrodes and gets stuck. 


We removed the tyre, in this case you have to take the tyre off as a TPMS valve has a sensor. We removed the valve stem from the sensor and replaced it with a new one.we also fitted a new service kit, which consists of a new valve core, a new valve seal and a new bolt to screw the valve back to the sensor in the alloy.

We provide servicing to valves, more so when we change tyre as the tyre has to be removed. If the seals get old and get dirt inside them, they will start to leak.

We replaced the valve, popped the tyre back on, rebalanced the wheel and returned the wheel to the vehicle with a cheeky little wheel clean.  

corroded valve2_1

Another happy customer, he asked us to cheek his other vehicle which was a Landrover Freelander (235/60/18). Upon inspection we noticed that every tyre was pretty old, starting to perish due to their age. We recommended that these tyres were dangerous as when they start to crack they become vulnerable to punctures and tyre blow outs. We are heading back in two days time to fit 4 new budget tyres.


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