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Today marks the first day of Autumn 2020 - which means that many of you will now be considering that all-important change to cold weather tyres.

We have thousands of customers who we revisit twice annually, without fail, every March/April and September/October for their seasonal tyre swap-overs.

Our mobile tyre service makes the swap-over of tyres hassle-free and totally convenient, Full winter tyres are the preferred option for many owners of rear wheel drive vehicles and for those customers who perhaps live in more desolate or rural areas where use of a vehicle is vital - even in extremes of weather., For motorists living in more urban areas, there's a growing popularity towards a whole range of new All Season tyres.

If you're looking for improved grip, shorter braking distances and better handling when temperatures drop below 7°C - but maybe don't experience the more severe driving conditions winter can throw at us, you should consider the All Season tyre option at the next replacement date!.

All Season Tyres have been designed to bridge the gap between a Summer and a Winter Tyre without compromising on wear rates, comfort, noise or fuel efficiency… whatever the weather! The first record of an All Season Tyre was way back in 1977 when Goodyear released the 'Tiempo' and it became the first tyre to be labelled as 'All Season', and named as the tyre that "does it all".


How Do All Season Tyres Work?

All Season Tyres have been designed to sit perfectly on the fence between summer and winter Tyres. They have a softer compound and more sipes (the cuts in the tread blocks which allow for more flexibility!) than summer tyres, allowing them to continue to perform when temperatures drop below 7°C. Once these temperatures are reached, the compound of a summer tyre will harder and effectively 'slip and slide' on the surface of the road, whereas an All Season Tyre has been designed to maintain consistent grip.

Strictly speaking, there is no law in place which means you cannot run on winter tyres throughout the summer months, however this will not be good for the pennies! Winter tyres have not been designed for warmer temperatures and will likely wear down much quicker than Summer or All Season tyres in the warmer months. As well as wearing down quicker, fuel economy will be reduced - not ideal for higher mileage drivers.

If you're considering fitting All Season Tyres to your vehicle but you're still unsure whether they're the right option for your needs, give our team a call today! We'll be more than happy to have a chat to you and make sure you're getting the correct tyres for your vehicle.

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