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As we are sadly now approaching Autumn - and shortly behind it another winter looms, now is absolutely the right time to consider replacing your tyres ready for the long, dark seasons ahead. 
Before you do though - while we have a huge range of new tyres to suit your driving style, your vehicle, and your pocket, have you heard of or really considered the benefits of cold weather rubber?

Across much of continental Europe, drivers regularly swap from summer to winter type tyres each autumn and back again in April. In some countries this has become law - in others simply the most practical, sensible and safe way to drive throughout the winter.

Contrary to popular belief, cold weather tyres are not just there to assist driving in snow and ice! Actually, as temperatures fall below 7C, these tyres really make a huge difference. Standard summer type tyres respond best with heat. In colder weather they tend to harden and offer reduced grip and braking performances. A cold weather tyre, by nature of its design and material construction, provides unparalleled traction, stability and wet weather grip no matter what the temperature falls to.

Drivers who have experienced the benefits of cold weather tyres would not for a moment consider using anything else throughout winter months. In periods of snow, these tyres bind themselves into the surface to continue providing grip. A must for those who absolutely rely on there vehicle for work or to attend to the basics in life.


We've all experienced slips and spins on the road during the winter months. These can often occur when it's just damp and cold. Fitting cold weather tyres makes an incredible difference in these conditions!

Winter tyres are becoming more widely available in the UK than ever before as public awareness and appreciation increases. They should always be fitted as a complete set to ensure vehicle stability on both axles.

Hometyre replace your tyres directly at your home or work address. Summer tyres removed with adequate tread and in good condition can be safely stored until the next spring and then refitted. Depending on your annual mileage, these two sets of tyres can often be refitted numerous times too.

Tyre storage facilities are often available to many of our trading areas too - call us for more information today.


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