4 Brand New Nokian Winter Tyres fitted to an Audi Q7 in Cambridge!

It's officially December and you can definitely feel it in the air! The nights are colder and longer and those frosty mornings on the road aren't going anywhere just yet!

We're speaking with customers every day who are either swapping their existing summer tyres over for their winter tyres from last year, following a quick check-over by us to check they're still in good condition, or enquiring for pricing on a brand new set of winters.

At Hometyre Cambridge we went out to a brand new customer, who had been recommended us by a friend, to fit a full set of Nokian WR SUV Winter Tyres to their Audi Q7. They had been reading up on the benefits of winter tyres and after a call to our sales team they opted to go for a well respected brand, Nokian.


All it takes is a quick web search and you'll see countless videos and blog posts about the benefits of switching to winter tyres, they offer a much better grip on the road, a shorter braking distance and considerably reduce the likeliness of an accident due to winter conditions.

Many drivers seem unwilling to switch to winter tyres with the belief they are only effective on snow or ice covered roads, and admittedly, winters in the United Kingdom do not have as much snow as some other European countries. However, winter tyres are not only useful on snowy and icy road surfaces any more.

Advances in tread pattern design and modern rubber compound technology ensure that winter tyres also provide higher levels of road safety on damp and cold surfaces.

Winter tyres are thus recommended from early November until late March to increase your vehicle's grip during winter. Winter tyres should always be in excellent condition, as worn tyres are ineffective on snowy, damp, or icy surfaces.

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