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Electric vehicles (EV) are continually on the rise and with governments and manufactures offering more and more incentives to purchase one, the race to become the ‘go-to’ electric vehicle tyre manufacture is increasing as the requirements for a suitable tyre are more understood.

Most premium brands are now offering an electric vehicle specific tyre and are often simply labelled EV. But these types of tyres come with a price. A big price that is. To help the discerning buyer, mid-range offerings are being researched and are slowly hitting the market with Nexen being the first.


Nexen, a South Korean brand, is quickly becoming well known in the motor industry as the go to brand. From sponsoring well known motor sports events to being the original equipment on vehicles such as the Porsche Panamera and the Kia EV6, Nexen shows the depth and breadth of the quality of its products.

Stemming from research carried out over the past few years, Nexen is releasing EV specific tyres with multiple size options being the original fitment to the new Kia EV6. These generations will be known as the Roadian GTX EV and the NFERA Sport EV respectively!

We hope to see these in the UK market soon as competition between brands is always best for the consumer!

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