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Whilst being rare on new vehicles, finding a 7.50/R16 on Series defenders and elderly off-road vehicles is more common due to the nature of the tyres available. After being in storage for just under twenty years, this customer was looking to replace all four Goodyears on their Defender 110 as they were perishing and could not hold any pressure.

Before arriving, due to the age of the vehicle, we needed to confirm whether or not the tyres have tubes inside. Nowadays, tyres aren't designed to have tubes inside as, if installed, these can heat up through friction causing wear on the inside of the tyre removing the butyl lining and potentially causing a blowout. But, for older vehicles that have wire wheels or have tyres that are designed to house tubes (normally the off-road tyres) this is more common. The side of the tyre should clearly state "Tubeless" or "Tubed" depending on which is needed.


For this customer, two Michelin tubes with 'FAT' valves were ordered ready to be installed with the off-road Goodyear tyres. In the industry, there are a few different type of valves available. For this situation, the main two would be just a normal thin rubber valve found on most vehicles and the 'FAT' type. More commonly found on Defenders, these valves are shorter and have a wider base to fit the enlarged holes on the Defender wheels.

Installing tyres with tubes is not as straight forward as just installing a tyre onto a modern vehicle. With the added complication of the tube, we take our time to ensure the process goes smoothly and that tube is not 'pinched' during installation of the tyre. If you've owned a push bike before and have replaced the tubes, pinching a tube is a result of the tube being crushed between the sidewall of the tyre and rim causing a compromise. This is not something we would like to encounter!

landrover defender_1

As usual, the Defender was jacked into the air, the wheels removed from the hubs and placed on the van where we would split the bead and remove the old tyres and tubes. the old and perished Goodyear tyres were removed and the wheel check for any signs of corrosion. Being a steel rim, this is a more common issue and results in slow punctures. To rectify this, we brushed the corrosion back, cleaned the area with an alcohol and applied a bead sealing paste. Despite being a tubed tyre and there being no pressure inside the actual tyre itself, this would only help prevent the spread of corrosion in the future.

To install the tyre and tube, we first need to install the bottom bead of the tyre into the rim. From here we can insert the partially inflated tube into the tyre, install the top bead and inflate to the correct working pressure! Like normal tubeless tyres, these are dynamically balanced and re-installed back onto the vehicle.

After a final inspection of the vehicle, the wheels were cleaned, and payment safely taken on our mobile card machine.

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