Back to Work in Shropshire - Essential Tyre Maintenance!


The county has woken up again after a prolonged lock down! It's great to see the hustle and bustle of everyday life regaining some of it's previous normality at least!

Our mobile tyre technicians have remained fully operational and very busy throughout the entire pandemic and have been really pleased to have been able to prioritise our local NHS and keyworker staff. We've assisted hundreds of motorists whose efforts have played a key role in keeping us all safe since the start of the year!

With retail back open and many businesses in full operation, we're now seeing a steady return of normal business and far more routine tyre replacements taking place again for our mobile tyre fitters. With a focus on contact free tyre fitting in shropshire, we're an ever popular choice when it comes to tyre maintenance.

So if you've been laid up for a few weeks or months and not used a car much, here's our top ten things you can do to get ready for the road again:

1. Check your fluids!! Cooling system and oil are the easy ones but don't forget brake and steering too. Check your manual for the locations.

2. Open it up and give it a spring clean! All sorts of things can take root and grow in a warm moist environment. Probably best not to sit in there with them all!

3. Grab a soft cloth, apply glass cleaner, raise your wiper arms and clean the rubber on your windscreen wipers! They'd have collected dirt over the months and need softening back up again.

4. Take a careful look at your tyres (of course!!). Look for cracks within the rubber or unusual lumps and bumps. Don't forget tread depth too! A minimum of 2mm is essential for safe motoring. If you can, check the pressures before first use - or get to a garage to check them ASAP - and don't forget the spare (if you're lucky enough to have one!). If you find a puncture, have it attended to immediately - it won't fix itself!

5. Use newspaper and glass cleaner to remove all of that grime from the inside of all of the glass! You'll be amazed at the renewed visibility and this can be a life saver in direct sunlight!

6 Grab a friend or a housemate (from 2m of course!) and, with the ignition on, perform a bulb check on all of the illumination on your car.

7. Give it a thorough wash! Don;t forget, you may have parked it up in March when the roads were still salted for the winter. Salt is corrosive and will slowly eat away at your car if left unattended!

8. Take it steady on the first drive out! You'll likely hear some odd noises while things like the brakes free themselves up and remove the corrosion that would have likely built up on exposed surfaces. NOTE: Braking efficiency will take a couple of miles of gentle driving in order to return to normal.

9. Be extra vigilant for cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists! For months, many of us have been used to these alternative methods of transport and have become accustomed to far less traffic. If it's been a while since you've driven too, there's a bit of a recipe for potential disaster so take care out there!

10. Don't forget to check you're fully legal!! Did you SORN the car, cancel or alter the insurance etc? Easy to forget amongst everything going on!

Be safe back on the roads and enjoy a return to life and work across Shropshire. We're available to attend on site at your home or work location to safely look after all of your tyre maintenance replacement and repair requirements!


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