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Back to Work in Shropshire - Essential Tyre Maintenance!


The county has woken up again after a prolonged lock down! It's great to see the hustle and bustle of everyday life regaining some of it's previous normality at least!

Our mobile tyre technicians have remained fully operational and very busy throughout the entire pandemic and have been really pleased to have been able to prioritise our local NHS and keyworker staff. We've assisted hundreds of motorists whose efforts have played a key role in keeping us all safe since the start of the year!

With retail back open and many businesses in full operation, we're now seeing a steady return of normal business and far more routine tyre replacements taking place again for our mobile tyre fitters. With a focus on contact free tyre fitting in shropshire, we're an ever popular choice when it comes to tyre maintenance.

So if you've been laid up for a few weeks or months and not used a car much, here's our top ten things you can do to get ready for the road again:

1. Check your fluids!! Cooling system and oil are the easy ones but don't forget brake and steering too. Check your manual for the locations.

2. Open it up and give it a spring clean! All sorts of things can take root and grow in a warm moist environment. Probably best not to sit in there with them all!

3. Grab a soft cloth, apply glass cleaner, raise your wiper arms and clean the rubber on your windscreen wipers! They'd have collected dirt over the months and need softening back up again.

4. Take a careful look at your tyres (of course!!). Look for cracks within the rubber or unusual lumps and bumps. Don't forget tread depth too! A minimum of 2mm is essential for safe motoring. If you can, check the pressures before first use - or get to a garage to check them ASAP - and don't forget the spare (if you're lucky enough to have one!). If you find a puncture, have it attended to immediately - it won't fix itself!

5. Use newspaper and glass cleaner to remove all of that grime from the inside of all of the glass! You'll be amazed at the renewed visibility and this can be a life saver in direct sunlight!

6 Grab a friend or a housemate (from 2m of course!) and, with the ignition on, perform a bulb check on all of the illumination on your car.

7. Give it a thorough wash! Don;t forget, you may have parked it up in March when the roads were still salted for the winter. Salt is corrosive and will slowly eat away at your car if left unattended!

8. Take it steady on the first drive out! You'll likely hear some odd noises while things like the brakes free themselves up and remove the corrosion that would have likely built up on exposed surfaces. NOTE: Braking efficiency will take a couple of miles of gentle driving in order to return to normal.

9. Be extra vigilant for cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists! For months, many of us have been used to these alternative methods of transport and have become accustomed to far less traffic. If it's been a while since you've driven too, there's a bit of a recipe for potential disaster so take care out there!

10. Don't forget to check you're fully legal!! Did you SORN the car, cancel or alter the insurance etc? Easy to forget amongst everything going on!

Be safe back on the roads and enjoy a return to life and work across Shropshire. We're available to attend on site at your home or work location to safely look after all of your tyre maintenance replacement and repair requirements!


COVID-19 Update from Hometyre Shropshire



Hometyre remains fully operational throughout the lockdown, however we are prioritising frontline NHS, police, fire and ambulance workers.

If you have or know anyone that has a dependency on a vehicle for essential supplies, visiting elderly, with urgent tyre issues, please forward them to us on 0333 444 5454 or book in via our website

In the meantime, take care and stay safe, from all of us at Hometyre.


Shropshire Caravan Season 2020

Well we're finally at the tail end of a long wet and particularly grey winter! Anyone looking forward to a little sun? Our mobile tyre techs are certainly keen to work in the dry and warm for a few months now, that's for sure...

So we're starting to get busy this month swapping over all of the winter tyre users back to their summer tyres again. Thankfully not a great deal of extreme weather meant that road safety this winter has been considerably improved (apart from all of the pot-holes!)

We're also seeing an early influx of caravan tyre sales and Tyron™ band fitting in Shropshire too! We supply and fit the most recently manufactured commercial grade tyres across the region to caravan and motorhomes alike. So wherever you store your caravan - at home, work or one of the many storage facilities in the county, we're fully equipped and ready to fit your new tyres and keep you safe for the forthcomng holiday season!

We supply and fit tyres from well known caravan tyre brands such as GT RADIAL, MAXXIS, HANKOOK, FIRESTONE and many more!

Call today for a quotation and to arrange the most convenient way to replace your tyres in Shropshire! 03334445454



Telford Tyres & Ironbridge Gorge Museum

So we've been covering Shropshire and supplying/fitting tyres here mobile for almost 17 years this year! Where does the time go??

Over the course of the last 12 months in particular, we've seen a huge rise in our Telford client customer base too! Right the way from the Wrekin to Shifnal, our mobile tyre fitting vans can be seen daily working the streets and cul-de-sacs across the region - not to mention the many businesses across Halesfield, Stafford Park and more...

In support of this, we're thrilled to have become a '1000 builder' in support of the Ironbridge Gorge Trusts ongoing fundraising campaign to protect heritage site for future generations to come. Alongside numerous other local businesses, we'll be providing much needed funding which will be matched pound for pound by the National Lottery heritage fund if £1m is raised by 2021! Oh, and we'll have an iron engraved plaque laid in the grounds of Enginuity for centuries to come too!

Still not used our services? Join the masses next time you need new tyres and experience a totally different way to have your new tyres fitted/punctures reapired and more! We'll be thrilled to look after you.

Read the article here on Shropshire Live.



Winter Tyre Conditions in Shropshire

EEEk. Where did summer go so fast?

Well at the very least, we've got autumn and winter driving to look forward to haven't we? Certainly those with cold weather tyres or all season tyres will.
Why, you ask? Well.....

When the mercury drops, so does the performance from your summer tyres (you may not know that 'standard tyres' fitted are suited to warmer temperatures?). The rubber hardens and grip massively reduces the colder it gets!

But wait! With winter/All season tyres, everything changes! At 7C and below, the performance doesn't alter! The tyres act like little spiders legs, digging into the surface and even binding up snow to create monster grip even in real wintry conditions!

Do you rely on transport throughout all weathers in the winter? Call us today! We'll talk you through solutions to suit! 03334445454 

We supply and fit a range of cold weather/winter and all season tyres at your home/work - in fact anywhere in Shrewsbury, Telford and the wider Shropshire area! 


Mobile Tyre Fitters in Shropshire

Our local techs - Wayne and Mark - have been serving Shropshire motorists for years and years and are the trusted go-to guys for thousands of motorists and businesses right across the region. We've built our business and reputation on a platform or honesty and reliability and are always looking at the future rather than revenue for today.

We thank everyone for leaving us great feedback and reviews! Here's just a few:

"Excellent service & excellent fitter" - Mr Young

"Outstanding service, prompt turnaround with friendly advice and knowledgeable staff." - W. Lucas

"The service you provided for us on May 3rd was 1st class thank-you! We will be more than happy to recommend Hometyre to anyone. Thanks again" - Josie

What's more, from our roots here in Shropshire, we've grown right across the UK and countless similar reviews are being received from customers right across the country where our team have been providing the Hometyre service!



Hometyre goes to the Races

The 2019 inaugural Shrewsbury Wacky races, that is!!

Custom built in our workshop over many weeks and in collaboration with the Midland Air Ambulance and Severn Business Network, the SBN Vulcan is all set to take on the quarry hill time challenge! And just like the daring raid on Port Stanley, weeks of careful planning and testng has taken place to ensure speed, agility and durability (we hope it doesn't break up mid flight now!)

 With a few little tricks up it's sleeve, the Vulcan should be a spectacle for the crowds and hopefully raise charitable donations for our nominated charity, the Air Ambulance!
Why the Vulcan? Well why not!!!? The event takes place on Sunday May 26th from 10am to 6pm! It's free to watch and promises plenty to do and see throughout the day!



All Season Tyres for Shropshire Motorists?

Why not try All Season Tyres the next time you need to replace?

A Shropshire client asked if we could recommend new tyres for his Audi RS6. This car has a 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 pumping out 560bhp with a 0.60mph of 3.9secs!
That's a serious amount of power and the owner mentioned that it would struggle sometimes in the colder winter months to maintain grip with summer tyres. Equally, he didn't want to compromise the speed performance in any way and so a full winter tyre didn't really suit his needs. 

A few minutes of product searching later and we found that the Pirelli PZero Nero were available in an All Season tyre in the size required.

What's an All Season tyre, you may ask?! (Go on, ask!!!)

Well, there are summer tyres and winter tyres. A summer tyre is most suited for temperatures above 7C and will provide superb performance, grip and comfort at higher temperatures. However... at lower temperatures and sub-zero, the rubber would actually harden and dramatically reduce grip and performance and in some extreme weather cases, prevent use of the vehicle entirely.
Winter tyres perform best below 7C and maintain excellent grip in all conditions -even snow - regardless of the temperature drop. They will, however cause a degree of increased fuel usage and suffer accelerated wear in warmer temperature usage.
For many motorists, this means swapping to and from either set of tyres at the onset and close of winter.

In our temperate climate in the UK we live more often in temperatures from 0C to 15C and therefore always some 'in between' in terms of summer or winter tyres.

The Rise & Rise of the All Season Tyre Market

Global tyre manufacturing giant, Michelin identified the problem of this cross-over issue across a wide part of Europe and the US and researched, developed and then created the first true All Season tyre - the MICHELIN CROSS CLIMATE !!


Designed to offer a whole range of benefits without compromising any particular characteristic, these tyres have created a revolution In the market and now most of the other manufacturers have jumped on the production of similar tyres too such as: GOODYEAR 4SEASONS, NOKIAN WEATHERPROOF, PIRELLI P7 ALL SEASON and the BRIDGESTONE A001

Driver Feedback

Back to Mr RS6! Our friendly mobile tyre technician duly supplied and fitted x4 Pirelli All Seasons to this car on the clients drive at home in Church Strettonar Chester at the onset of last winter, and this was his feedback report a month later:

"Well I'm truly impressed. I was nervous about shifting away from what I'm used to on the car but you guys gave sound advice on these all season tyres. What a difference on cold, damp mornings already. Incredible grip but no loss of feel of cornering performance. I'm confident these will perform as I need them to in the hotter months too given a few decent days we've had so far. I'm converted!!"

Another happy customer! : )

With an ever increasing number of sizes becoming available across a host of brands - including all season Run flat and all season light commercial tyres too, we'll soon have exactly the product to suit you! Call us.

For free advice on any tyres call Hometyre on 03334445454


Caravans, caravans - and cars too!

We can certainly tell it's spring,and almost the summer months! Caravan owners from right across the county are busy preparing for the forthcoming season and booking in for new replacement tyres! It seems like every other mobile tyre fitting in Shropshire is for caravan tyres  or motorhome tyres/ Tyron™ bands at the moment!
From a safety and convenience perspective, caravan owners are probably the most conscientious of all motorists. Despite having changed probably hundreds of thousands of these tyres over the years, we've never replaced a worn out caravan tyre! They're almost always replaced due to age and possible perishing/splitting. These tyres often sit idle for months on end in direct sunlight and open to atmospheric degradation.
Best and safest practice is always to replace at 5 years of age - and most owners do!

Whether you store your caravan at home or one of the many Shropshire caravan storage sites, our technicians are fully versed with all aspects of leisure vehicle tyres and have all of the necessary equipment and training to safely remove and refit Tyron™ bands too.

And don't forget the towing car too!!! Hot weather can put all manners of added strain onto a tyre! 

Whatever you drive or pull, Hometyre mobile tyre fitting in Shrewsbury, Telford and Shropshire have a tyre and the service for you 



Mobile Wheel Alignment and 4 New Tyres in Shrewsbury

Hometyre Shropshire were called out to a repeat customer in Shrewsbury earlier this week to fit 4 new Matador MP47 tyres in a 225/50R17 to a Volvo V70. When we say this was an existing customer, the last time we went out to him was back in January 2012!

We had previously fitted a full set of tyres to this vehicle so when we arrived on site we checked the DOT codes on the tyres and they showed [4011] which means they were manufactured in the 40th week of 2011. We recommend replacing your tyres at around 5 years, leaving them a maximum of 7 years after they were manufactured.

These particular tyres were just over 8 years old, the customer was calling them because he thought they were looking a little worn but we explained to him the dangers of driving on old tyres whether they have a good amount of tread left or not! For information on how to check your tyres, click here.


Just like us, age can be hard on a tyre! Once it reaches around 5 years in age it starts to deteriorate, this does not mean that as soon as it reaches 5 years you need to replace it immediately, you just need to check your tyres regularly! With increased age comes increased risk of tyre failure, there are a couple of tell-tale signs your tyres are deteriorating.

  • Cracks begin to appear in the side wall of the tyre and also in between the tread grooves
  • The quality of the ride will worsen, older tyres will not perform as well as newer tyres
  • The tyre may become distorted

Once we had fitted and balanced the new tyres, we cleaned the wheels and then carried out a Mobile Wheel Alignment. This is not a service many companies offer, it is not because Mobile Wheel Alignment is impossible. It is mostly due to the time and money that needs to be invested into getting the specialist equipment and training needed to carry it out.

Wheel Alignment is an essential part of the maintenance of your vehicle, to put it simply it is when the angles of the wheels are corrected back to the manufacturer's specification. When tracking is done at a static site the car is put onto a set of ramps and a machine is used to calculate which wheels need to be corrected.

When we carry out tracking we attach alignment gauges to the wheel and use sensitive lasers to calculate if there is any movement away from the manufacturer's settings. This followed by a little bit of clever maths helps us to work out the exact correction that is needed.

Do you need wheel alignment carried out at your home or place of work in Shropshire? Call us today to book an appointment on 0333 444 5454!


Beware the First Snow of 2019!

With wintry and colder weather now upon us here in Shropshire, are you and your vehicles ready? You need ample tread to maintain grip and safety and preferably a cold weather tyre option or all season type. These tyres offer a huge improvement in cold weather performance over their summer counterparts and motorists who make the switch forever return to them in the colder months!

Our van fleet is equipped with full winter tyres in order to ensure we can still operate even in extremes of weather across Shrewsbury, Telford and surrounding areas within Shropshire. Call for our to-your-door service - the easiest and most trusted tyre replacement service you'll find!



Another Great Year for Hometyre Shropshire

Where did 2018 go?

We've had a great year looking after customers old and new right across Shropshire and Cheshire - some of whom have been using us for almost 16 years now too! As another year draws to a conclusion, we're flat out busy keeping clients winter safe while allowing them, as ever, to stay at home or work and warm while we get on with our stuff!

A huge thank you to everyone for continuing to use us and refer to friends and family! Keep an eye out for the new van fleet hitting the roads early next year too. The existing mobile tyre service vans have been incredibly loyal servants for many years but have finally reached the end of the road and looking forward to retirement...

We're open throughout the holiday period apart from the Bank holidays and the 'big days'- albeit with a slightly more limited capability each day.
There's still time this week to book in and get safe for any travelling over the break.

Have a great Christmas and safe New Year.



Winter Tyres - don't get stuck with your summer tyres this winter!

The weather is already starting to turn and it feels like winter has suddenly hit us all hard! We've been in contact with one of our Shropshire customers who had a full set of Nokian winter tyres fitted to her Audi A4 in November 2017.

We spoke with her about the difference having winter tyres made during the heavy snowfall we had earlier this year, see her story below.

Last winter I was working in North Yorkshire and awoke one morning to find a few inches of snow had fallen, I was staying at a holiday let on a farm and had a very steep driveway to climb to get onto the main road and a narrow gap between buildings at the top, luckily with my winter tyres I had no issues getting going that morning.

I had to go over the North Yorkshire Moors that morning to get to my client and en route had a steep hill to drive up. It was now a bright morning and I could see a car at the top of the hill stuck and the driver trying to dig his way out with a shovel. Every time he got back into his car it just slewed all over the place. I decided to wait at the bottom of the hill to give him space and avoid him possibly sliding back into me. A few cars also had to stop behind me because the road had effectively become a single track road because of the snow, so passing me was not really an option..

A big L200 4x4 then came around the corner at the top just as the guy who had been having problems, successfully managed to get going again and I had started to climb the hill. It was obvious the driver of the 4x4 was not going to stop at the top of the hill and wait for me and those behind me, to come up the hill. He just came down the road anyway, down the tracks made in the middle of the road as either side was still virgin snow. He gave me no choice but to pull over into the virgin snow on the side of the road and 'smile' at his smug face as he passed me. Thanks to my fabulous winter tyres I had no problem at all getting out again and up the hill and on my way.

I will always change to winter tyres as the difference in traction is unbelievable. I do 30K miles on the road each year and the weather has never stopped me!

If you have a busy schedule and don't want the bitter British winter to hold you back, give us a call today so we can check winter tyres available for your vehicle!



Brrrrrrr. Mercury is dropping! Tyres are losing grip...

Are you Winter Ready in Shropshire?

We could be in for a sharp change in weather after a glorious summer here in the UK. Although we enjoyed six weeks of sun, that bitter snowy winter hasn't quite left the memory either and the drop in temperatures soon brings it all back.

So.... the message is quick, clear and simple. Don't get caught out through a little bit of complacency! You've been able to run those tyres perhaps a little longer than normal over the summer but you need to get checking them out TODAY! 

All season and winter tyres are already starting to be fitted across the county - as are customers with seasonal tyre swap overs. We're taking advance bookings everyday.

Be safe this winter. It takes just a couple of minutes to take a look at your tread depth and make a decision which could save you more than just a few hours stranded. 


A Day Out of the Office!

Yesterday I decided to get my hands dirty and head out of the office with the local Shropshire Hometyre fitter, Wayne! Here at Hometyre we think it's really important that our sales team who answer the phones to our valued customers from all over the country have great knowledge of what goes on out in the field!

I spent the afternoon with Wayne visiting both regular and new customers in the area, our first job was 4 new tyres 235/45R17 on a VW Passat. This job was for a very regular customer of ours so it was really good to finally put a face to the name, once we'd had a good chin wag I joined Wayne to begin my master class in tyre fitting!

Once we were finished with the Passat we headed over to the next job, a puncture repair or potential new tyre on a Mercedes CLC220 CDI Sport. We arrived at the job and introduced ourselves to the owner of the vehicle, jacked up the car, removed the wheel and took it into the van to remove the tyre for inspection. Upon removing the tyre we saw the problem was a pretty big nail that had punctured the tyre, unfortunately it had gone in too close to the sidewall and we were unable to repair it, after showing this to the customer she was happy for us to fit a new tyre to her vehicle to get her back on the road!

It makes such a difference to see how the job is done, the machines that are used and the time needed per tyre. It helps us to give the best customer service possible if we are asked questions about things such as the fitting process and the time it takes we can answer them based on first hand experiences.

Thanks Wayne for a great afternoon!



Non-repairable tyre on a Peugeot 308 in Shrewsbury

I went out to a job last week to a customer that was in a local car park and had picked up a puncture on her Peugeot 308, I was able to get out to her the same day in the afternoon.

As with all punctures we bring out a new spare tyre, as not all punctures are repairable, in this instance this tyre wasn't able to be repaired.

Reasons for not being able to repair a puncture are, if the puncture is bigger than 6mm and if it's in the shoulder of the tyre, either way we'll get you on your way!

Whilst I was there I checked the other three tyres and all three tyres needed to be replaced as the tread was low on all of them, which I did the very next day.

The customer was very happy we could get out to her the same day and repair the puncture and then change the three other tyres the following day.

2_1 1_1


Age of tyres

This is an old job that I went out to in 2015, I had a call out to a car park, which the customer had left his car there over night.

I turned up and the customer had said the tyre was brand new, (according to the customer) as it had plenty of tread, it looked brand new... not the case!

The tyre was born in 2002, a part worn spec, just because a tyre 'looks' brand new, or has plenty of tread on it doesn't mean it is brand new!

A tyre has what's called a DOT code which stands for, the Department of Transportation and it is marked on the tyre's sidewall. DOT, together with the numbers and letters, allow for indicating the place and date of the tyre's manufacture.

The DOT abbreviation is followed by numbers that indicate the tyre factory code and date. Production time is indicated by the last three or four digits.

Three-digit numbers indicate a production date before 2000, where the first two digits stand for the production week and the last one indicates the year. The three-digit code did not give certainty in terms of decades. Therefore, in 2000, the fourth digit was added and since then, the last two digits represent the year of manufacture. For example: 2310 means 23rd week of 2010.

2 3


Have you got a bulge in your tyre?

Getting a bulge in your tyre can be more common than you think.

With all the potholes around, this is something which can damage the sidewall which causes the bulge, also hitting the side of the kerb on can also have an impact on the the sidewall.

It also weakens the structural integrity of the sidewall, and the internal air pressure creates a visible bulge.

Usually a lump or bump usually indicates the tyre has been damaged internally.

If you do notice a bump then the tyre will definitely need to be replaced. We highly recommend and advise to get it replaced immediately or at least do not drive on it, until it has been replaced.



Are your tyres legal and safe?

People every day are driving their cars, vans, motorhomes and caravans, driving long/short distances, in all types of weather, at different speeds and different road conditions, but don't check their tyres regularly.

You may 'think' because it's driving okay you can't tell any difference in you're driving, even if there is something you've noticed such as, low tread on your tyre(s), got a few cracks in the tyres, but it's still driving as normal, nothing needs to be done.

The difference in waiting and waiting to get your tyres changed or changing them as soon as you notice a problem, could be the difference between having a crash/injuring yourself or someone else.

The photograph below shows you exactly what could happen if you leave your tyre(s), not all cases are like this, there have been a lot worse and some not as bad, but it does happen! Even having low tread can cause accidents, as there's no grip, anything minor shouldn't be taken lightly.

As the old saying goes, 'better safe than sorry!'

No matter where you're travelling to, if you're using your vehicle daily, whether it's travelling to work, if you're going away on holiday, or just using it to travel to the shops, always check your tyres, it takes a couple of minutes in checking them and in that time in checking them, an accident could be caused.

Don't take the risk - check your tyres over. If you're not sure whether your tyre(s) need to be replaced, don't hesitate to give us a call on 0333 444 5454 to speak to one of our sales team or visit us on,






Wheel Balancing

If you don't know much or anything about vehicles, you wouldn't know the term 'wheel balancing'.

Wheel balancing, basically means the weight is distributed equally around the wheel and that the tyre rotates evenly. For this to happen, it involves adding small balancing weights to the rim which counter weight inconsistencies. If an imbalance towards one side of the wheel is identified, zinc balance weights are added to the opposite side to even out the distribution of weight.

The machine in our vans, shows and tells us if the wheel is unbalanced and if so, we add small, light weights to the inside of the wheel, until it is even, as shown in the photograph.

If the wheels are not correctly balanced you may start to experience a vibration that is felt through the steering wheel when driving above a certain speed which over time can cause discomfort. Balance issues can also cause wearing on your suspension, steering components and premature tyre wear.

So you can see why it's important that your tyres have the correct wheel balance, or it will cause problems and long term damage in the future.



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