Tyre codes and symbols

This is not an article on how to find your tyre size or DOT code, but what the other codes on your tyres actually mean.

Electric vehicle tyres

Let's start with Electric cars. With more and more electric cars on the market you will notice that these have specific tyres fitted to them from the manufacture. They have different brands fitted to them, but no matter what the brand, somewhere on the tyre you will see a EV marking. This means that the tyre is suitable for an Electric vehicle. The reason for this is that these tyres have a lower rolling resistance which will take you further on a single charge and have a lower environmental impact.

Run Flat tyres

How do I tell if my vehicle has Run Flats fitted? On all Run Flat tyres, there will be some sort of marking or symbol on the side of the tyre letting you know that they are Run Flat tyres. In most cases the word 'run flat' will be written on the sidewall, but certain manufactures use different codes to let you know that they are Run Flats. Here are a few examples of the codes to look out for.

Goodyear - ROF - Run on Flat

Pirelli, Firestone and Bridgestone - RFT - Run Flat Tyre

Michelin - ZP - Zero Pressure

Continental - SSR - Self Supporting Run Flat

Dunlop - DSST - Dunlop Self Supporting Technology.

Manufactures OE Codes

To show that replacement tyres are manufactured to original equipment standards, an OE marking is embossed into the sidewall of the tyre, showing which vehicle manufacturer it has been designed for. Below is a few examples of what you should be looking out for.

Aston Martin - AM

Audi - AO, AOE, RO1

BMW/Mini - * ( BMW and Mini just use the star symbol)

Ferrari - K1, K2, K3

Jaguar - J

Land Rover - LR

McLaren - MC

Mercedes - MOE, MO, MO1

Porsche - NO, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6

Tesla - TO, T1, T2

Volvo - VOL

I hope this article has helped some of you understand some of the other codes found on the sidewall of tyres.


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