Hometyre fitting tyres in and around Milton Keynes

Hometyre Milton Keynes has been fitting tyres, repairing punctures and surprisingly fitting Tyron bands and new tyres to caravans at this time of the year.

As the roads are getting colder and more slippery i have seen an increase in customers hitting kerbs. This does not only damage your tyres and will need a replacement, but it also upsets your vehicles suspension geometry. Most people are unaware that the slightest bump into a kerb upsets your front wheel alignment, which in turn will cause uneven tyre wear, which in turn will lead to premature tyre replacement.

We have also seen an increase in customers with large vans like Mercedes Sprinters and Citroen Relays with front wheel alignment issues and seem to be struggling to get their tracking adjusted due to the size of the vehicle. Not many garages are able to get these vehicles onto their ramp, due to the size. Hometyre Milton Keynes offers mobile wheel alignment for these customers, using specialized tools and lazer gauges, we can track and align most vans up to 3500kgs.

The other faults we have noticed is customers TPMS warning lights coming on. In some cases it has just been down to the cold weather and these customers not checking tyre pressures on a regular basis. Just because your vehicle has a TPMS system fitted don't rely on this before you check your tyre pressures. This system is fitted to vehicles to alert you there is a problem with your tyre, not that it's now time to check your pressures!


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