Bald tyres and insurance claims

Last week a customer asked if i could do a tyre check for him on his BMW i8. Both his front tyres were on the legal limit, Hometyre Milton Keynes replaced both tyres at his work. 3 days later he sent me a text with a picture of his car . . . he'd had an accident! Not his fault but he was very grateful that he had had new tyres fitted.


This got me thinking whether your insurance would be void if your tyres are below the legal limit. The answer is YES.

You are most certainly not covered if you are driving a car that is not roadworthy and bald tyres mean exactly that - the car is not roadworthy.

If it's a minor accident and no one checks your tyres as part of the insurance process,you may get away with it, even though you would still be an irresponsible driver for putting your own and other peoples' lives at risk! The bottom line is if your insurer finds out they could easily void your insurance claim and also claim back any compensation they've already paid to you.

If you have a bigger accident and the police are involved or there is damage to property you might find yourself prosecuted and even end up paying insurance company costs such as vehicle storage and assessment fees. If someone is injured or dies you may face a jail term.

So please be aware if you are driving around on bald tyres - your insurer has the right to take your money and void your claim.

There were so many people on the roads during the recent snow who took chances at intersections or roundabouts but were clearly unaware of the difference in their speed or stopping capabilities. Please make sure that you don't become a statistic and that you take care and drive safely at all times.


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