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Lotus Exige 380 Sport

Hometyre Milton Keynes fitted 4 new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres to a Lotus Exige 380 Sport today.

What a beautiful car to have to pleasure of working on. This car does 0 - 60 in 3.5 seconds, with it's V6 engine 350 bhp engine, so i guess you need tyres to suit.

This is just another supercar to add to the list that we have had the pleasure of changing tyres on.



Caravan Tyres Fitted in Bedford

Here at Hometyre we were recently contacted by a caravan owner in the Bedfordshire area, our sales team had a chat with him about exactly what he wanted and what time suited him best and a few days later on his chosen day Hometyre Milton Keynes went out to his home address to do the job.

The job went perfectly well and the next day the customer contacted Hometyre via the Live Chat feature asking how they could instantly leave feedback for us because they were so impressed with the service carried out! Things like this are always so good to hear as our main goal is to provide tyres at a low cost with minimal hassle and great customer service! See Sam's review below.

What a difference from the bulk standard Tyre fitting places, Craig knew his business, turned up on time, was informative and professional explaining all about the fitting process. If anyone has a motor home or caravan in storage or at home this is the easiest and safest way of ensuring your pride and joy is looked after to the highest standards. Craig has also got some great stories about his lovely home country of South Africa to pass the time when fitting. Well done Craig, highly recommended!


Classic Cars

Hometyre Milton Keynes specialises in supplying and fitting tyres to classic cars.

Over the years we have fitted a number of tyres to great British classic cars like Morgan's. Just the other day we fitted 5 x 165/80 16 Continental CT22 tyres to a Morgan Four Four. The week before that we fitted 4 new tyres and inner tubes to a Jaguar MK 2 that had been restored.

Some of these classic's with wire spoked wheels still run with inner tubes and some now use tubeless tyres. The best way to see if your car has inner tubes and if it is tubeless is to look at the valve on wire wheels. If the valve is a metal one then it is most likey that the wheel rim is tubeless. If the valve is rubber then the wheel will have inner tubes.

Most of the time we fit new tyres to classic cars, not because they have worn the tread out, but because of the age of these tyres. Most classic cars are not used as every day vehicles and we have seen tyres on these that are perishing due to age. Every tyre has a date stamp on the sidewall. For example it will normally be four numbers (0218) which means it was manufactured in Febuary 2018. If your tyre has three numbers (346) then they were manufactured before 2000.

We have also been asked the balance wire wheels on cars like Morgan Plus 4 and Morgan Plus 8. This is very important on classic cars, as they don't have power steering and you feel every bit of vibration from the road surface.

So if you live in the Milton Keynes or Bedford area and you own a classic car, then don't hesitate to contact us for the best advice around.


Spare wheels

Do you know if your vehicle has a spare? The amount of customers that Hometyre Milton Keynes attends to on a daily basis that don't know they haven't got a spare wheel is staggering.

9 out of 10 new cars on the road today do not come with a full size spare wheel, instead your vehicle may come with a "space saver spare" which is limited to a certain speed and mileage or a repair kit, which i would say 98% of the time doesn't work. Other cars like BMW, Mercedes and Mini to name a few are fitted with run flat tyres, which in the event of a puncture allows you to get to a safe place and have someone come out a fit a new tyre to get you back on the road.

So why are the car manufactures not supplying full size spare wheels anymore? There are a few reasons that i can think of. Firstly it's cost saving to the manufacture, saving them about £100 a vehicle. Then there is the new Hybrid cars, that are using batteries and electric motors to help drive your car, so space is limited as to where to put the spare. Every car manufacturer wants to have great MPG so by making the vehicle as light as possible helps them to achieve this, hence the can of foam in your boot, a lot lighter than a spare wheel.

If you have purchased a new car recently make sure you check to see what is in your boot, so that you don't get a surprise when you do end up getting a flat tyre.

Another thing that Hometyre Milton Keynes has noticed is the amount of van owners out there, that do have a full size spare wheel fitted underneath their vehicle that won't be able to get out when the time comes due to the carriers being seized up. The fact that the spare is fitted underneath the vehicle it is open to the elements and the carriers or holders often rust and seize. I would advise van owners to get their spare wheel out at least twice a year and check it over, this way you keep the carriers free and it allows you to have a good look at the condition of the tyre.

So go out to your car or van now and check what kind of spare wheel you have in your boot or underneath your vehicle.


Tyre Age

Now that the weather has warmed up the caravans and motorhome owners are getting ready for their summer adventures.

Hometyre Milton Keynes has already started fitting new tyres for some of their caravan customers. Remember to check the date stamp on your tyres, every tyre sold in the UK has to have a date of manufacture stamped onto the sidewall.

We recommend changing your caravan tyres every 5 years, even if the thread depth is fine. The last thing you want is a blowout at the start of your holiday. If you have recently purchased a second hand caravan make sure you check the date stamp on the tyres, sometimes on second hand caravans you will find this on the inside wall, this is done to disguise the age of the tyre.

We also fit tyron bands and TPMS systems to caravans and motorhomes for that added piece of mind.

So if you need your caravan tyres checked why not gives us a call.


How to relearn TPMS sensors on a Ford Mustang

Hometyre Milton Keynes got a call from a customer with a Ford Mustang that was a US import. He had ordered new wheel rims for his car, but needed the TPMS sensors swapped over to his new rims.

I arrived at the customers house, only to find that he had already fitted the new wheel rims and tyres to his vehicle, but had not marked the wheels he had taken off. The TPMS warning light was on, and i had no idea which wheel and sensor had come off which side. This causes a problem as each wheel has been programmed by the factory and you can't just move them around.

I proceeded to remove all the sensors from the old wheels and fit them to the new wheels. I checked that all the sensors were working with my diagnostic kit. All was good, but now how to programme them to the vehicle??

Once all the sensors and wheels are back on the vehicle and torqued up to the manufactures spec, you need to put the key in the ignition and press and hold the brake pedal. Turn the ignition on and off 3 times and then release the brake pedal. Now you need to turn the ignition on and off another 3 times, you will now hear the horn beep once. At this time you will need a tpms diagnostic programmer. Starting with the front nearside wheel you need to run a diagnostic check on that sensor, once this has completed the horn will beep, now move onto the offside front wheel, and again wait for the horn to beep, carry this process out until you have done all 4 wheels. On the heads up display it should now say training complete. If you turn off the ignition and you hear 2 beeps on the horn, it did not read all the sensors and you will have to start again.

If you now turn off your ignition and start the vehicle up, your tpms light should not be displayed and you are ready to go.


Bald tyres and insurance claims

Last week a customer asked if i could do a tyre check for him on his BMW i8. Both his front tyres were on the legal limit, Hometyre Milton Keynes replaced both tyres at his work. 3 days later he sent me a text with a picture of his car . . . he'd had an accident! Not his fault but he was very grateful that he had had new tyres fitted.


This got me thinking whether your insurance would be void if your tyres are below the legal limit. The answer is YES.

You are most certainly not covered if you are driving a car that is not roadworthy and bald tyres mean exactly that - the car is not roadworthy.

If it's a minor accident and no one checks your tyres as part of the insurance process,you may get away with it, even though you would still be an irresponsible driver for putting your own and other peoples' lives at risk! The bottom line is if your insurer finds out they could easily void your insurance claim and also claim back any compensation they've already paid to you.

If you have a bigger accident and the police are involved or there is damage to property you might find yourself prosecuted and even end up paying insurance company costs such as vehicle storage and assessment fees. If someone is injured or dies you may face a jail term.

So please be aware if you are driving around on bald tyres - your insurer has the right to take your money and void your claim.

There were so many people on the roads during the recent snow who took chances at intersections or roundabouts but were clearly unaware of the difference in their speed or stopping capabilities. Please make sure that you don't become a statistic and that you take care and drive safely at all times.


TPMS on a Vauxhall Astra GTC

Hometyre Milton Keynes attended to a customer's request for 2 new rear tyres to be fitted to a Vauxhall Astra GTC in Middleton Milton Keynes.

When I arrived the customer explained to me that he also had a problem with his tyre pressure monitor system (TPMS). The near side front tyre was not displaying any pressures. I got out my I Sensor TPMS reader to read the sensor. There was no problem picking up the sensor, but it was not displaying on the dashboard menu. I then tried to read the near side rear sensor and found that this sensor was not transmitting a signal. With this in mind I discovered out that someone had moved the front wheels to the back and not reprogrammed the sensors.

I removed the rear wheels and to replace the tyres. When I removed the near side rear tyre, I found that the sensor was damaged, problem solved!

I then slotted a new I Senor into my programmer and promgrammed a sensor for a Vauxhall Astra GT, fitted it to the wheel rim and fitted the new tyre. I then replaced the rear tyre on the other side of the vehicle, but I still had the problem of the vehicle reading the wrong TPMS sensors. What was going on?

These now had to be reprogrammed to the vehicle's ECU. To do this you have to go into the menu settings on the dashboard and scroll down until you find "relearn tyre pressure sensors". Then click on this setting and the horn will beep twice. You then go to the nearside front tyre with your I Sensor programmer and go to diagnose sensor. The horn will beep once, continue to the nearside rear and repeat the process until the horn beeps once. This process is then continued until all wheels are done. Once this process is complete start the vehicle and check that all the tyre pressures are now showing on the menu screen.

I completed this process and test drove the vehicle. Another happy customer!


Happy New Year

2017 was a great year for Hometyre Milton Keynes. We had the pleasure of fitting tyres to some spectacular cars and some very interesting jobs along the way.

The highlight has got to be fitting track day tyres to 2 McLaren 675LT super cars, both of them were going to be used at Silverstone race track. We also repaired a puncture on a McLaren MP4 12C that i often see driving around Milton Keynes.

We fitted a lot of tyres to some Morgan 4/4 and Plus 8 and balanced their wire spoked wheels. Some of these Morgans are still using inner tubes as opposed to tubeless tubes. Fitting 4 new tyres to a limited edtion Lotus Evora, a few Porsche's and an Audi R8 we certainly had our fair share of sports cars.

With TPMS now coming out on all motor vehicles we had a few of these to deal with. I can remember replacing a TPMS sensor on a Bentley Continental in Bedford at less than half the price the customer was quoted by the agents.

With all the snow around in mid December we saw a great increase in winter tyre sales and with more snow predicted in early 2018 i am sure we will see these sales increase even more. Winter tyres have become a lot more affordable now days and their popularity is certainly on the increase.

Keep your eye out for the Hometyre mobile tyre van driving around Milton Keynes and Bedford in 2018.


Hometyre fitting tyres in and around Milton Keynes

Hometyre Milton Keynes has been fitting tyres, repairing punctures and surprisingly fitting Tyron bands and new tyres to caravans at this time of the year.

As the roads are getting colder and more slippery i have seen an increase in customers hitting kerbs. This does not only damage your tyres and will need a replacement, but it also upsets your vehicles suspension geometry. Most people are unaware that the slightest bump into a kerb upsets your front wheel alignment, which in turn will cause uneven tyre wear, which in turn will lead to premature tyre replacement.

We have also seen an increase in customers with large vans like Mercedes Sprinters and Citroen Relays with front wheel alignment issues and seem to be struggling to get their tracking adjusted due to the size of the vehicle. Not many garages are able to get these vehicles onto their ramp, due to the size. Hometyre Milton Keynes offers mobile wheel alignment for these customers, using specialized tools and lazer gauges, we can track and align most vans up to 3500kgs.

The other faults we have noticed is customers TPMS warning lights coming on. In some cases it has just been down to the cold weather and these customers not checking tyre pressures on a regular basis. Just because your vehicle has a TPMS system fitted don't rely on this before you check your tyre pressures. This system is fitted to vehicles to alert you there is a problem with your tyre, not that it's now time to check your pressures!


Another busy week in Milton Keynes

Hometyre Milton Keynes has had a busy week servicing customers in and around Milton Keynes and Bedford.

The week started off by me replacing 4 tyres and inner tubes on a 1972 Morgan 4 in Cranfield, before moving on down the road to Wobourn Sands to fit 2 Pirelli PZero Rosso to a Audi A5. The old tyres that i removed were so badly worn on the inner edges that the cords were showing through.

I immediately suspected that the wheel alignment was not within the manufactures specification, after checking and adjusting the alignment, i carried out a quick diagnostic check on the vehicles TPMS system

Back in Milton Keynes I went around to see a customer with a VW Cadyy that had a slow puncture. After inspecting the tyre i found that the rubber valve was perished and was leaking air. A quick check on the other tyres, found that the tyre on the opposite had the same problem. I removed both tyres and replaced both valves. This is a common cause of slow punctures.

The next customer was in Knowlhill Milton Keynes, a Range Rover Sport with 275/45 21 Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyres. As this vehicle was having new tyres fitted it is recommended to replace the TPMS valve kits, which i did and carried out a diagnostic check on the system.

If you want to check out the work that Hometyre Milton Keynes has carried out, follow us on Facebook


From Supercars to Vintage Cars

The last few days Hometyre Milton Keynes has worked on some very impressive motor cars.

It started with a customer who picked up a puncture in his Mclaren MP4-12C. I grabbed a Pirelli Pzero MC1 305/30 R20 and headed off. I removed the wheel from the vehicle and found a nail right in the middle of the tyre, as the tyre was quite new and had 6mm of tread left, we decided to repair the puncture. Fortunately the TPMS system had alerted the customer that his tyre had a pressure loss and he was able to stop the vehicle before the tyre got damaged. We repaired the puncture and refitted the wheel. We then reset the TPMS system and carried out a full TPMS system check. Another happy Mclaren customer.

Later that day I attended a customer who had a Morgan 3 and needed 2 front tyres replacing. The Morgan 3 has a tyre size of 4.00X19 on the front. We removed both front wheels and proceeded to remove the tyres. As the customer was having new tyres, we decided to replace the 2 inner tubes as well. After replacing the inner tubes and tyres, Avon SM MK II were fitted, we balanced up the wire wheels and fitted them back to this classic. All of this done at the customers home. 


Lotus Evora TPMS problem

Last week I was called out to a customer in Milton Keynes who had a problem with a tyre valve on their Lotus Evora. When i got there I discovered that the metal valve stem had broken off and the tyre was flat on the ground! The customer had gone to the local filling station to check his tyre pressures but had trouble removing the metal cap fitted to his valve stem - as a result he ended up breaking the metal valve off. 

I proceeded to remove the wheel and tyre to assess what needed to be done. The Lotus Evora has a TPMS system fitted as standard. With some vehicles the TPMS system is in two parts - the sensor and a valve stem. On this particular model the valve and the sensor are a complete unit and lucky for him this is not a problem for Hometyre Milton Keynes as we stock a full range of TPMS valves. I reprogrammed a new sensor and for him at half the price of any main dealer.  I then fitted the new sensor and valve and inflated his tyre before fitting his wheel back to the vehicle and checking that his ECU had picked up the new sensor. We had a good result with all four tyres recording pressures on the dashboard. Another happy customer!

This problem could have been avoided if he had fitted rubber valve caps to the valve stem as opposed to metal ones.  Some people might think that a metal cap looks good but vanity on your car can often cause more problems that they're worth as these have a tendency to corrode onto the valve stem. 


4 Yokohama Blue Earth Tyres on a VW Golf in MIlton Keynes

Today I attended to a customer in Furzton, Milton Keynes. They had 2 tyres that were down to 3mm and 2 that were below the legal limit. The customer has a 3 month baby and found it really difficult to go to a tyre center to get their tyres changed so thought of giving Hometyre Milton Keynes a try.

I started by replacing both the rear tyres that were down to 3mm, then moved onto the fronts. When I removed the front tyres, both were worn below the legal limit on the inner edges. I immediately assumed that the front wheel alignment was out.

After replacing all four tyres with new Yokohama Blue Earth ES32 tyres and re-torquing the wheel nuts to 120 NM as per the manufacture's specifications, it was time to check the front wheel alignment. I was not surpised that they were 3mm out of the manufacture's specification.  I then advised the customer that this had to be adjusted otherwise their brand new tyres would just wear out in no time at all.

After giving me the go ahead I continued to adjust the front wheel alignment.  I then cleaned up all their wheels and asked the customer if they minded test driving the vehicle for me. The end result . . . one very happy customer and they can't believe all of this could be done while they sat at home!


Busy few days

Hometyre Milton Keynes has had a busy few weeks serving customers in Milton Keynes and Bedford, from puncture repairs to caravan tyres - we have covered them all recently!

Everyone should now be on their summer tyres and already have swapped across from their winter tyres. Now that half term is here and the sun is shining the caravan industry has been booming. Caravan owners are encouraged to change their tyres every 5 years and it seems that 5 year cycle has hit Bedford - we have also seen in increase of Tyron bands being fitted. This great run flat option for caravans but most importantly a safety feature for those long journeys.

We have also seen an increase in locking wheel nut removal lately. A lot of times we've found that the customer has not lost the key but, when they have bought a vehicle on the secondhand market, have forgotten to ask for the locking wheel nut key. The second most common reason is over tightening . . . for some or other reason it seems to be a common theme have these as tight as possible rather than at the manufacturer's torque specifications.

For those looking for a high performance tyre, Michelin have just launched the new Pilot Sport 4 S, which comes as standard on some Ferrari's and Mercedes AMG models so keep your eye out for these.

We are always out and about, so please feel to gives us a call for your tyre requirements or just some advise.


Mclaren 675LT

Last week Hometyre Milton Keynes had the pleasure of fitting Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R track tyres to a Mclaren 675 LT in Milton Keynes. Wow what a beautiful vehicle to work on. The Mclaren 675 LT has a V8 twin turbo charged engine, which produces 666 bhp and a seven speed dual clutch gearbox. The Mclaren675 LT has a top speed of 205 MPH and will certainly make good use of the carbon ceramic brake system.

The Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo tyre is designed for racetrack driving on dry asphalt it has a ultra low profile and an asymetric tread pattern. In extreme conditions like racetrack driving it reacts with precision to commands. Even though this tyre is designed for track use it is road legal and can be used to get you to the track. 


Spring is in the air

The temperatures are starting to creep up and the days are getting longer, spring is certainly on it's way.

For those of you that have been running on winter tyres it's now time to start thinking about swopping back to those summers. Don't forget to check them before you think about fitting them back.

Hometyre Milton Keynes has already been busy fitting new caravan tyres to those customers that are thinking about getting away for the Easter break. Some of our caravan customers have also had Tyron bands fitted this year, ensuring them peace of mind when heading off on their journey. So what is a Tyron band I hear you ask? Well Tyron is a lightweight wheel well filler band that converts a steel or alloy wheel into a safety wheel. When fitted it improves the performance and safety of any wheel or tyre in the event of sudden deflation. At speed this assists the driver in maintaining steering and braking control. It provides a short time run-flat option, so you can choose a safe place to stop and change the wheel.

Hometyre Milton Keynes can also supply and fit tyre pressure monitoring systems to your vehicle or caravan, giving you peace of mind that you are constantly keeping an eye on those tyre pressures.

Please remember folks tyre checks and safety will ensure you have a enjoyable journey.


The importance of correct tyre pressures

Having the correct tyre pressure is vital to your safety on the road. Under-inflated tyres affect handling and grip, causing irregular or unpredictable vehicle behaviour. They are also much more likely to suffer from a dangerous sudden rapid deflation, especially on high-speed motorway journeys.

Over the last few weeks i have found that i have had to replace far to many tyres due to customers running there vehicles with tyre pressures that are far to low. These customers seemed very surprised when asked "when last did you check your tyre pressures" Most people think that this is done when their vehicle is serviced and that should be good enough for them.

So how often should you check your tyre pressures? In an ideal world this should be done daily, along with a quick check that all your vehicles lights and fluids are correct. This is sometimes an impossible task for most people as not everyone has a tyre pressure gauge to hand. Hometyre Milton Keynes recommends that your tyre pressures should therefore be checked every couple of weeks. Most fuel filling stations have a versatility that allows you to check and adjust your tyre pressures.

Where do i found out what my vehicles tyre pressures should be? This will certainly be in your vehicle handbook, but most of the time there is a sticker with the pressures on it, in the fuel flap or the inside of the front door panels. When reading this please make sure that you are checking the correct pressures for the tyre size that is fitted to your vehicle as well as weather you are running at normal load or a fully loaded vehicle.

So by checking your tyres pressures regularly you will be able to pick up any slow punctures before you run that tyre for too long under inflated, your running costs will be reduced. Under-inflated tyres require a bigger force to make them turn, so your car uses more fuel. Additionally, tyres which are not set to their correct pressure wear out more quickly.

So go out and check those pressures!! 


Nokian Tyres

4 weeks ago my father in law decided to try out winter tyres for the first time. Hometyre Milton Keynes fitted 4 Nokian 225/55 R18 WR SUV 3 to his Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

This weekend I caught up with him for the first time since I fitted these and I must say his feedback was phenomenal!

He was totally surprised at the amount of grip he had in the wet and he's now looking forward to the cold front that the weatherman is predicting for the weekend (let's see if he actually gets it right this time!).


Busy day for Hometyre Milton Keynes

Yesterday was a very busy day for Hometyre Milton Keynes! I started the day off with a suspected puncture on a Nissan X-Trail. I arrived at the customers house and could clearly see that the passenger side front tyre was totally deflated. I then proceeded to inspect the rest of the tyres for thread depth and any signs of damage or uneven wear. My next task was to establish what cause the puncture, after removing the wheel i could clearly see the the valve stem was perished. I removed the tyre from the rim, checked for sidewall damage which is caused from running on a deflated tyre, all was good, so i replaced the valve stem cleaned the wheel rim and refitted the tyre. Inflated to the correct pressure and checked for any leaks. The wheel was then re-balanced and fitted back on. After checking all the rest of the vehicle tyre pressures i informed the customer that he was back on the road again.

I then headed over to Woughton On The Green in Milton Keynes to fitted 2 x 225/40/18 tyres to a Mercedes Benz A Class. After inspecting the vehicle first i noticed uneven wear on the front 2 tyres. I proceeded to replace and 2 tyres and re-balance the wheels, now that all the tyre pressures were checked, it was time to check the front wheel alignment using my Supertracker laser wheel aligner. The front wheel alignment was found to be 2mm out of the prescribed manufactures specifications, i adjusted the front toe angles and took the car for a short test drive, before refitting the alignment gauges and checking it was still within the manufactures specifications.

It was then off to Bedford after a customer let me know that his new wheel rim that he ordered for his Ford Focus had arrived. He had badly damaged the old one by hitting a pothole. I fitted a new 205/50 R17 Pirelli Cinturato P7 to his new rim, balanced it up and fitted back to his vehicle. Again it was time to check and adjust his front wheel alignment, as this was certainly going to need doing after hitting a pothole.

Back in Milton Keynes i found myself fitting a 245/35 R20 to a Vauxhall Astra VXR after this customer experienced a blowout due to running has car on the incorrect tyre pressures. After fitting the new tyre and adjusting the rest of his tyre pressures, he was back on the road again.

Before i was heading home for the day, there was still 1 more job to be done in Bletchley Milton Keynes. A 215/65 R16 Goodyear Efficient Grip on a Nissan X-Trail.

Hometyre Milton Keynes always there when you need us!


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