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Tyre codes and symbols

This is not an article on how to find your tyre size or DOT code, but what the other codes on your tyres actually mean.

Electric vehicle tyres

Let's start with Electric cars. With more and more electric cars on the market you will notice that these have specific tyres fitted to them from the manufacture. They have different brands fitted to them, but no matter what the brand, somewhere on the tyre you will see a EV marking. This means that the tyre is suitable for an Electric vehicle. The reason for this is that these tyres have a lower rolling resistance which will take you further on a single charge and have a lower environmental impact.

Run Flat tyres

How do I tell if my vehicle has Run Flats fitted? On all Run Flat tyres, there will be some sort of marking or symbol on the side of the tyre letting you know that they are Run Flat tyres. In most cases the word 'run flat' will be written on the sidewall, but certain manufactures use different codes to let you know that they are Run Flats. Here are a few examples of the codes to look out for.

Goodyear - ROF - Run on Flat

Pirelli, Firestone and Bridgestone - RFT - Run Flat Tyre

Michelin - ZP - Zero Pressure

Continental - SSR - Self Supporting Run Flat

Dunlop - DSST - Dunlop Self Supporting Technology.

Manufactures OE Codes

To show that replacement tyres are manufactured to original equipment standards, an OE marking is embossed into the sidewall of the tyre, showing which vehicle manufacturer it has been designed for. Below is a few examples of what you should be looking out for.

Aston Martin - AM

Audi - AO, AOE, RO1

BMW/Mini - * ( BMW and Mini just use the star symbol)

Ferrari - K1, K2, K3

Jaguar - J

Land Rover - LR

McLaren - MC

Mercedes - MOE, MO, MO1

Porsche - NO, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6

Tesla - TO, T1, T2

Volvo - VOL

I hope this article has helped some of you understand some of the other codes found on the sidewall of tyres.


COVID-19 Update from Hometyre Milton Keynes


Hometyre Milton Keynes remains fully operational throughout the lockdown, however we are prioritising front-line NHS, police, fire and ambulance workers.

If you have or know anyone that has a dependency on a vehicle for essential supplies, visiting elderly, with urgent tyre issues, please forward them to us on 0333 444 5454 or book in via our website

In the meantime, take care and stay safe, from all of us at Hometyre.


Winter tyres in Milton Keynes

It's that time of the year again, the clocks have gone back and we have had our first frost of the winter. Time to start fitting those winter tyres.

Last week I fitted new Riken Cargo Winter tyres to the Hometyre Milton Keynes van and 205/55 16 Riken Car Snow to our car.

I have already booked a few customers in for next week to have there winter tyres fitted back on.

The rubber on normal summer tyres get harder when the temperature drops, whereas the rubber used on winter tyres use a different compound and tread pattern that says flexible below +7c giving you better grip and braking on the colder road surface.

Winter tyres are a must if you live in a village where the gritters don't grit the roads.


Mitsubishi Outlander TPMS Fault

This week Hometyre Milton Keynes attended a job for a customer that needed 2 front tyres replacing on their Mitsubishi Outlander. With this vehicle it is recommended that you replace tyres in pairs.

On arrival at the job i found that the TPMS light on the dashboard was on and a error message on the screen saying TPMS fault. I scanned all the sensors and found that i was not getting a signal from the nearside front. I proceeded to remove the tyre and found that the sensor was broken and rolling around in the wheel.

I programmed a new sensor and fitted it to the wheel, replaced both tyres that needed doing. I then had to pair the new sensor with the car. To do this you first have to plug into the OBD port and send the new sensor code to the ECU. Once this is done, you need to rescan each sensor and drive the car for about 1 mile.

After about 1 mile the TPMS warning light went off.

Another happy customer in Milton Keynes.


How to reset TPMS on a Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Recently Hometyre Milton Keynes attended a job in Loughton where a customer had a problem with his Porsche Cayenne Turbo that was not reading the rear tyre pressure sensors. The tyre pressure warning light was on and the on-screen display was showing the front tyre pressures but the rear tyre were not showing at all.

I started by scanning all the sensors to check that they were working and that the tyre pressures were correct. All sensors were found to be working and all tyre pressures correct.  As the sensors are self-learning I decided to reset the connection between the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and the sensors.

In order to do this you have to make sure that you are on the dashboard screen and not the SatNav screen. Using the arm below the indicator stick scroll through the menu screen until you come to the tyre options. Make sure you select the right tyres that are on the car - winter, summer or all season. Even if the correct one is selected unselect it and then reselect it. Check that the right tyre size is selected and if correct unselect and reselect it. Although this might seem a little tedious you should follow all the steps so that your ECU thinks that you have changed tyres and will reset the sensors once you take the car for a drive.  You will need to stay above 20 miles an hour until the ECU resets - it shouldn't be more than 2 miles.


New TPMS Sensor for Jaguar XK

Last week i got a call from a customer in Milton Keynes with a Jaguar XK. He explained that his TPMS warning light was staying on and that his right rear tyre had low pressure, even after he had checked and adjusted it.

I did a quick scan of all his sensors and found that i was getting no reading from the right rear. I removed the wheel and tyre only to find that the sensor was damaged due to having new tyres fitted.

I proceeded to program a new sensor for him and fit it to the wheel. Customer then took the car for a test drive and found the TPMS light went out after a 5 minute drive.

Another happy customer in Milton Keynes. 


Busy day in and around Milton Keynes

Last Friday was a busy day for Hometyre Milton Keynes fitting tyres in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. I went out to Cranfield to fit 2 x 245/35 19 Pirelli PZero tyres to a Morgan Aero 8. The Areo 8 was a beautiful british racing green. With the Morgan Aero 8 you just have to be careful that you locate the correct jacking points on the car before lifting it up.

From there i headed to Newport Pagnell to fit 4 Continental tyres to a VW T5 that the customer had converted into a camper. He wanted me to fit new tyres to his brand new 20" wheel rims which he had recently bought, which completed the conversion. He was hoping to get away for the Easter weekend.

Them it was back to central Milton Keynes to fit two runflats on a Mercedes C Class at the customers place of work.

From there it was a short trip to Oldbrook to do a puncture repair on a Nissan Micra. It's been a long time since I worked on 13" rims! Luckily the customer manged to pick up a puncture right outside their house, so it was a simple repair.

I also manged to fit in a front wheel alignment on a VW Caddy van that was pulling to the left.

All this fitted into one day!

Let's see what Monday brings.


Is your tyre leaking air? It could need a bead seal!

We received a phone call from a regular customer in Milton Keynes who was experiencing what he thought was a slow puncture in his nearside front tyre, he explained that he had a look and could not see anything in the tread however the tyre was slowly losing air every time he pumped it up.

We advised the customer we would be more than happy to come out and see if the puncture was repairable. What we usually do when we get a phone call for a puncture is take a potential replacement tyre on board with us, this is a good way to guarantee we are able to get the customer back on the road again if the puncture cannot legally be repaired to BSAU159 standards.

We took out a 205/55R16 mid range Maxxis tyre and went out to the customer's place of work, on arrival we got the keys from the customer and jacked up the vehicle to take the wheel off and have a look for an object imbedded in the tyre.

Upon inspection we found the rim was heavily corroded, this most likely meant a bead seal would fix the problem! When an alloy begins to corrode, a layer of 'rust-type' material will form which causes the tyre not to seat properly, resulting in air escaping.


Above from left to right you can see a photograph of a corroded rim, the corrosion removed and finally the sealant applied

We used power tools we carry on board to remove the corrosion and applied a sealant, an easy fix for Hometyre! The tyre was refitted and the wheel balanced, back on the vehicle, pressures checked and the wheel left sparkling clean!

Corrosion on the rim is a common problem in slightly older vehicles, if you are experiencing a similar problem it could be a much cheaper fix than a new tyre! Call us today on 0333 444 5454 to book an appointment for us to come out to you at an address of your choice!


Does my VW have ContiSeal Tyres?

In recent years Volkswagen have been releasing some of their newer models with ContiSeal tyres as OE (original equipment), this is something many of the customers we have spoken with over the years are not aware of.


What is a ContiSeal tyre?

ContiSeal is a technology from Continental which seals punctures when they are picked up, there is a sealant on the inside of the tyre which is a sticky, gum-like substance which sits in the inside of the tread area. It claims to seal 80% of all punctures which reduces the risk of getting a flat tyre.

Many companies will say ContiSeal tyres are not repairable, this is not the case! Here at Hometyre we are able to repair a ContiSeal tyre, it is just a little more fiddly and time consuming and some people would rather save themselves the time and effort and just fit a new tyre instead, which can get pretty pricey if you're unlucky enough to pick up punctures on a regular basis!

How do I know if my VW is fitted with a ContiSeal tyre?

If your tyres are ContiSeal they will simply have SEAL written on the sidewall of the tyre, as shown below, make sure you let us know if your car is running on ContiSeal tyres.


If you have a vehicle from one of their sister companies, such as Seat or Skoda, they will most likely not be fitted with ContiSeal tyres but it is worth double checking on the sidewall of the tyre.

Can I change from ContiSeal to standard tyres?

If you have ContiSeals fitted but wish to change them to standard tyres, this is not a problem! Just remember you will lose the benefits of having a sealing tyre, if you incur a puncture your tyre will not remain inflated, even though repairing a normal tyre is cheaper you run the risk of being stranded!

If you want to speak to a member of our team about your options, don't hesitate to call us on 0333 444 5454! We are open Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 17:30 (excluding Bank Holidays) and Saturday 8:00 - 12:00. If we are closed you can send us an enquiry form and we will get back to you ASAP!


Fleet checks in Milton Keynes and surrounding area

We were called out to a local business in Newport Pagnell who needed a couple of replacement tyres on one of their work vans. We took out a pair of Hankooks in a 195/65R15 to fit to the VW Caddy.


This particular company was Pagnell Property Maintenance, a regular and loyal customer of ours, they have quite a few vehicles in their fleet but cannot afford to have their vans off the road for a fleet check! Hometyre's Mobile Service is a life saver for them as we can go out to their vehicles at a time, date and location of their choice, even if this means it is when the vehicle is out and about at one of their customer's homes!

No company wants to lose out on business because they have no way of getting out to it, the ease of having a mobile service takes away this loss of earnings.

Here at Hometyre Milton Keynes we offer FREE FLEET CHECKS on your vehicles! We can check over your fleet to ensure the tyres transporting your business around are safe and legal. We will check all tyre pressures and tread depths and provide you with a detailed report for each vehicle.

This means as well as making sure the tyres are road legal, we could also be saving you money! We will make sure you're getting optimum mileage out of your tyres by checking the pressures and alignment are correct.

To book your FREE fleet check today, call our team on 0333 444 5454!


From a simple puncture to a new TPMS system!

Craig went out to customer in Milton Keynes who had a puncture in their Lexus GS, we booked it in as standard puncture repair and asked the customer for their tyre size and preferred brand as we always take a potential replacement on board just in case it is not repairable.

The customer said he was not sure on the tread remaining on the tyre on the opposite side of the axle so asked if we could bring 2. Not a problem! We are more than happy to bring out as many as you think you might need, even if we bring 4 out and end up only fitting 1, we will not charge a penny for bringing them in the van just in case we need them. The end result is time and money saved for our customer, we won't ever fit a new tyre if it is not the best option and it saves us having to rebook the customer for another fitting date if they need more than they originally bargained for!

As you can see below when we took the tyre off and inspected it we found this beast of a screw in the tyre! A whopping 6 inches!


This screw managed to break off the TPMS sensor when it punctured the tyre, the puncture was repairable but unfortunately this resulted in him needing a new TPMS sensor.

We fitted the new sensor and reprogrammed the TPMS - a tyre pressure monitoring system on a Lexus has to be reprogrammed when a new tyre is fitted as it is not a self learning system. This means you cannot simply change the tyre, refit and expect the TPMS to work by itself. You need to reprogram the TPMS unit to the ECU (Electronic Computer Unit) so that the system believes nothing has changed and continues to work as before. Otherwise the ECU will throw a constant error message to the car alerting the driver to a potential issue.

If you are having problems with your TPMS system in Milton Keynes, Bedford and surrounding area, call us on 0333 444 5454 and book an appointment today!


A spare tyre as old as a member of staff!

We went out to a regular fitting address at a vintage car dealer to fit 2 new Avon ZV7 tyres to a Morgan Plus 8, the customer had asked for the best of the 2 tyres we were replacing to be fitted to the spare wheel.

Upon inspection of the spare wheel we found the tyre was the original spare on the vehicle… from 1996! Incidentally the same year as one of our sales team in the office! The way we were able to tell how old the spare is was by looking at the DOT code, it read [126] which means it was made in the 12th week of 1996, 23 years old!

We had a chat with the customer about the age of tyres, even if a tyre does not need to be replaced due to wear or visibly low tread, after 5 years age will start to take affect on a tyre. The rubber will begin to deteriorate, crack and perish, when the tyre is used and it starts to heat up from the friction these cracks risk expanding which could result in them becoming a much bigger problem!

Have you checked the age of your tyres recently?

Take 5 minutes, pop outside to your vehicle and inspect your tyres! You can find the DOT code written on the sidewall of the tyre, if your tyres have been made post 2000, which hopefully they were! It will be a 4 digit code, for example, below reads [0713] which means they were made in the 7th week of 2013. This would be a tyre nearing the end of it's life, we recommend changing them no later than 7 years.


Also check your tread depths! You can do this with the simple 20p test! For more information on how to check your tyres, click here!

If you think you're due a replacement, book your local technician in today!

Call us on 0333 444 5454


Run Flat Tyres in Milton Keynes

Last week I went out to a customer in the centre of Milton Keynes, the conversation I had with them started with "my car needs 2 new runflats".

I asked for the current size and brand on the vehicle, 225/45R17, 2 front tyres, Bridgestone. I followed by asked what model of BMW the vehicle was to which the customer replied it was an Audi A4... I asked what made the customer think it was a run flat tyre, to which they answered.

"It hasn't got a spare tyre"

This does not mean the car is running on run-flat tyres. I asked how old the vehicle was and after a quick chat with the customer he explained he had bought the car from new 18 months ago and did not tick the box to have a spare wheel supplied.

He also explained the tyre was flat to the floor, I explained to the customer this was definitely not a run-flat. His vehicle would not have original fitment runflat tyres on and also if it was completely flat to the floor it would be a normal tyre.


Run-flat tyres are designed to keep the pressure in the event of a puncture or blowout, they have reinforced sidewalls which support the weight of the vehicle and allow you to get to a safe place if a puncture is incurred. It was developed to support BMW (and its sister Brands Mini etc.) however over the years some other manufacturers have adopted the technology such as Mercedes on their new A class, C class and E class models and Nissan have trialled it in the Skyline GTR models.

Can I change my run-flat tyres to non run-flat?

Click here for more information on whether you are able to switch to normal tyres if your vehicle was manufactured with run-flats!

Back to our Milton Keynes customer! A new Bridgestone 225/45R17 T005 was fitted later that day and the alignment checked free of charge, and the client was left with the knowledge that just because the car doesn't come with a spare, this does not mean it's on run flats!

If you need new tyres or need some information on the best tyres for your vehicle in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, call our team today on 0333 444 5454!


OE Yokohama Tyres for a Lotus Elise in Milton Keynes

Hometyre Milton Keynes went out to a customer in Cranfield to fit a full set of Yokohama AD08R tyres to a Lotus Elise, this vehicle has offset fronts and rears which means the front size is different to the rears.

The customer had called Hometyre and specifically asked for the OE tyres for this vehicle which are the Yokohama AD08R LTS, the fronts were a 195/50R15 and the rears were a 225/45R16.

This particular tyre is a road legal track tyre; this means they can be used as a track tyre but also fine for road use. The tyres are directional, one of the main advantages of directional tyres is that they offer high resistance to aquaplaning, this is down to the 'V' shaped design of the tread, it pushes water from the centre outwards as the tyre rotates, dispersing water better than an average tyre.


The Yokohama AD08R

This tyre from Yokohama offers ultimate grip, faster lap times and a higher level of control than previously possible. Braking distances are 3% shorter and this increases to 5% shorter in wet conditions than previously recorded.

The Lotus Elise

This particular Lotus Elise was made in 2000, one thing you need to know about this vehicle is that jacking it up in the right spot is a necessity! The vehicle has a specific jacking point and if you don't use them you will end up with the jack right about where your feet should be when you sit in the vehicle!! This will end up as a much more expensive fix than getting a new tyre fitted!

Do you need tyres for your vehicle in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas?

If so, call us today on 0333 444 5454 or simply enter your postcode and tyre details on our homepage!


TPMS Valve repaired on Lamborghini Huracan in Olney

Hometyre Milton Keynes went out to a customer's home in Olney this week to look at a nearside front tyre on a Lamborghini Huracan which had been losing pressure and was starting to go flat quicker and quicker.


Our standard procedure at Hometyre is to take a potential replacement on board whenever we go to look at repairing a problem with a tyre. This is just in case for any reason we cannot repair the issue, we are able to get the customer back on the road that same day!

In this case it was a problem with the TPMS valve, we carried out a repair to the valve and the tyre was able to maintain pressure again.

Here at Hometyre, we carry a range of replacement parts for all makes of TPMS sensor which means we can always look at repairing the valves when possible.

In this case the customer was very happy with this as replacing the tyre would have been a much bigger cost!!

For further info on sensor valves click here or call our sales team to book your vehicle in today!

0333 444 5454


Tyre Blow Out In Milton Keynes!

We received a call from a customer in Milton Keynes who asked for a replacement tyre for their vehicle, they did not mention anything specific about the replacement, just that they required a single tyre.

When we arrived at their home we were greeted with this…


I think anybody would be able to tell this one wasn't repairable!!!

We looked at the tyre on the other side of the axle as the customer had told us that this one was done at the same time. All tyres will have a DOT code printed on the side-wall, this is a 'date stamp' and will indicate when the tyre was manufactured.

In this case it was '4212' which means the 42nd week of 2012, indicating the tyre was over 6 years old. We could see by looking at the tyre it was perished and cracking, this is a common occurrence for an tyre way past its life expectancy!

You can prevent this happening to your tyres by checking them regularly. Just pop outside and check the dot code on your tyres, have a look for any cracks in the rubber. Check the tread depths, follow our guide by clicking here and regularly check your pressures.

If you think you could be in need of a tyre upgrade, call us today on 0333 444 5454!


2 New Budget Tyres fitted to Maserati Levante in Milton Keynes

We received an online order from a customer in Milton Keynes for 2 new Accelera Tyres to be fitted to a Maserati Levante.

The tyres had simply been worn down and needed replacing due to being close to the legal tread depth limit. We fitted 2 new budgets to the rear axle and after checking the two front tyres had the correct pressures and good remaining treat, all wheels were cleaned and the customer was good to go!


Have you checked your tyres recently?

It’s important to ensure you’re checking them at least once a month, it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to check your tyre pressures or remaining tread depth. For more information on how to check your tyres, click here!

If you need tyre replacement in Milton Keynes, Bedford and surrounding areas call us today on 0333 444 5454!


New Budget Tyre fitted to Ford Focus in Milton Keynes

This morning at around 8:30am, we received a call from a customer in Milton Keynes explaining they had hit a kerb driving home last night and had taken a chunk out of the sidewall of their tyre.

Some damaged tyres are repairable, for example if there is a nail in the centre of the tread it often is repairable but unfortunately due to this being bad sidewall damage we were unable to repair the customers tyre.


Luckily for our customer here at Hometyre we always take a potential replacement tyre on board, if we are able to repair the puncture we take the tyre away again free of charge. In this case we arrived with the customer for their 12pm appointment and fitted the brand new budget tyre to the vehicle, getting the customer back on the road for the afternoon to carry on with their Monday!

If you hit a pot hole or a kerb and cause damage to your tyre just call us on 0333 444 5454, we can often do same day fitting at your home or work!


Tyres for Your Classic Car in Milton Keynes

Our technicians are not just trained to replace your average tyre, here at Hometyre we've worked on our fair share of Vintage Cars too.

With the summer months ahead many Classic Car owners will be looking forward to taking their beauty out to a Classic Car Show, make sure you are checking your tyres in advance of this. The tyres may have ample tread and look fine but if they can potentially crack and perish due to changes in temperature throughout the summer and winter months and due to the vehicle being stood for a long period of time. Rubber is a natural product and needs to be worked and used occasionally to keep it in good condition.

Therefore it is important to check the entire tyre for signs of aging, deterioration etc. If you are in doubt call our team on 0333 444 5454.

See below some images of classic cars we've worked on in the past!

Classic2 Classic_Cars

IMG_0385 4_new_tyres_for_this_1970___s_MG


New Tyre fitted to a Maserati Granturismo in Milton Keynes

Here at Hometyre Milton Keynes we go out every day to fit brand new tyres, repair punctures and many more at our customer's chosen place of fitting, whether that be at home, work or even somewhere like the gym! An average day involves vehicles such as a Vauxhall Corsa, Honda Civic, Renault Trafic and many more! Last week we got called out to something a little different, a Maserati Granturismo!

A customer called our team and reported puncture in his near side rear so we booked him in for an appointment the next day. When we got there we found the below...


It's fair to say you don't need to be a professional tyre fitter to know if this one was repairable! The customer had run the tyre severely under inflated or punctured and had caused a ripple in the sidewall of the tyre.

We always carry a potential replacement on board in the event of a puncture not being legally repairable, this meant we were able to fit a brand new tyre to the Granturismo and get the customer back on the road!


If you have a puncture in Milton Keynes, Beford and surrounding areas just give us a call on 0333 444 5454, we can often do same day fitting if not another day with a specific time slot to suit you!


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