Multiple cars fitted with brand new tyres at home in Diss

We went out to a new customer in Diss earlier this week, they had booked in to have work done on two vehicles, fitting a total of 8 brand new tyres.

The first vehicle was a Mazda RX8, we were to remove some very old and worn premium Goodyear tyres, which were way passed their recommended life span.. It is recommended that you change your tyres at around 5 years, the reason for this is the rubber starts to crack and perish with age. It is easy to find the age of your tyres, all tyres are marked with a DOT code, this is like an age stamp. The format of this is shown like [0815] in a circle, if it says 0815 this means the tyre was manufactured in the 8th week of 2015, meaning it is over 4 years old and would likely need replacing soon!

We replaced them with four mid range Nexen tyres 225/45 R18. All four tyres were old, worn and one or two even had punctures as this vehicle hadn't been used in a while. On removing the tyres, we found a build up of corrosion in each wheel. So we carried out a bead seal, to remove this corrosion and to seal the bead so there would be no air pressure loss in the future.

The second vehicle was a Volkswagen Transporter. This had also been sat for a long time, all four tyres were cracked and perished badly. We removed four Yokohama tyres that were 15 years old and we replaced them with four brand new Firestone tyres.

All work was carried out at the customer's home whilst they carried on with their day as per usual!

More happy Hometyre customers who will be sure to book in with us again and hopefully recommend us to their family and friends!

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