The Rare and Elusive Volkswagen Dune Edition for Two New Tyre

We recently had a customer call in with a rather rare vehicle. Unfortunately on this occasion, the customer had reported a puncture in the sidewall of the tyre. As it's in the sidewall, the tyre can't be repaired. However, we provided the customer with some options for the replacement tyre. Due to the mileage, the customer opted to go for budget tyres as they do less than 2,000 miles per year. We advised that if they were looking to do higher mileage, the mid range or premium brands would be a better option. However, with such little mileage, the tyres would perish before they wore down.


With only 112 of these Beetles left on the road, we took extra car with the alloy as the car regularly goes into shows. The punctured tyre was removed from the alloy and replaced with the new Sunny NA305 235/45 R18. Whilst off the vehicle, the alloy was given a quick detail to remove the brake dust and tyre lubricant.

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