Tesla Tyre Replacement Using Tesla Specific Tyres

Slow punctures can come in all shapes and sizes. From the bead of the tyre (where the wheel meets the tyre) having corrosion or just a nail hidden deep in the tread out of sight. These punctures are typically left for weeks before being repaired as it's no immediate issue. However, there are the slow punctures that can't be repaired. We recently attended a customer who had encountered a slow puncture on their Tesla Model 3. After booking the customer into their preferred date and time we headed out to their location and inspected all four tyres. In doing so we found that one of the other rear tyres also had a small screw in the centre of the tread. Both rear tyres were looking quite low on tread and after having a chat with the customer we decided the best course of action was to replace them both.


Proceed onward, we ordered the new 235/48R18 Michelin Pilot Sport Tesla fitment tyres and headed back out to the customer. Sadly these tyres are becoming quite rare and have a habit of being hidden away by local Tesla dealerships! Luckily we were able to track these down for the customer for the same day.

Using the rubber Tesla specific jacking block, we lifted the car up, removed the wheels and placed them on the bench for an inspection. During this time we are looking for any hairline cracks, general damage and possible corrosion issues. As the vehicle was relatively new, there was no damage and no corrosion! After a quick tyre change over, the wheel was inflated, balanced and installed back onto the vehicle.

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