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We were called to Diss recently to fit two Bridgestone Run Flat Tyres (255/35R19 96Y) to the rear axle of a BMW 3 Series.


The drivers side rear had unfortunately suffered a nail through the tread. Although Run Flat tyres do boast the benefits of being able to get you to a place of safety due to their RUN ON FLAT capabilities, the downside of these tyres is that once they've been penetrated, they're unable to be repaired.

For this customer, this meant a tyre replacement was definitely needed! We had taken 2 tyres to the job, just in case the other front tyre was looking a little low. The passenger side rear on this particular vehicle was below the recommended tread depth of 3mm. Due to a new tyre being put on the drivers side, the difference in tread depth was greater than the recommended 3mm difference.

 It is not advisable to have less than 3mm difference in Run Flat tyres that sit on the same axle. When there is more than 3mm difference between Run Flat tyres on the same axle, the tyres spin at different speeds because of the weight difference in the tyres, this can cause damage to the axle.

We replaced both of these tyres on the same axle with new Bridgestone tyres, adjusted all the tyre air pressures and gave the tyres a little clean. This resulted in a very happy customer!

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