Pothole tyre damage

Hometyre Norfolk are starting to notice a large increase in the amount of damage caused by potholes. Potholes can be very dangerous, as they can not only damage your rims, they can buckle your wheels, cause bulges to appear and cause punctures, even blow-outs. 


Last week alone, we went to a Ford Fusion in Northwold, near Thetford, that hit a pothole and completely blew the tyre.  Not only was the tyre completely destroyed, it also bent the rim, meaning a new tyre wouldn’t seal and hold the air pressure, it would leak out of the bent seal. 

We also had a customer in Diss, who hit a pothole on their Ford Fiesta and ripped a hole in the side wall of their tyre. Luckily no damage to the rim but had no spare and was stuck, luckily close to home.

Another vehicle we visited, a BMW 1Series, had been fitted with Goodyear non runflat tyres and a pothole had ripped the inside of their tyre.

We had one more customer in a Ford Focus, they ripped their tyre on a pothole and had a large chip missing from their rim as a result. 

Our Norfolk roads are highly prone to potholes, so be vigilant and always keep Hometyre’s number handy. You never know when you might need us.  

0333 444 5454 


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