Mobile tyres fitted in Thetford

Hometyre Norfolk, the mobile tyre fitting service that comes to you, took our services to Thetford. We went to Vauxhall Corsa, at the customer's home, to fit two new premium Continental tyres 185/70/R14.

Before we carried out the work, we inspected the vehicle and the tyres to find any problems. We picked up a few issues. Firstly, the tyres that were to be removed were the front two tyres, which were not only on the 1.6mm legal limit, the also had some irregular wear. This could have been due to a wheel alignment issue, as it was clear on the driver's side that the vehicle had been in an accident, this is likely what affected the wheel alignment. We also noticed that the rear tyres were from 2014, so reaching the end of their recommended usage. The tyres we were to fit were new (2019) we recommended to do a front to rear wheel swap. This is where we fit the newer tyres to the rear, re balance the older tyres and fit them to the front. We also found on the older tyres had plenty of tread on them (4-5mm) but due to their age, the rubber valves were starting to perish. So Hometyre replaced both rubber snap in valves, re-balanced the wheels and fitted them to the front of the vehicle.

It is always best to have the older tyres at the front, as in the event of a blow-out it is more likely to affect an older tyre. Therefore, it is best for this to happen at the front of the vehicle so it's easier to control the vehicle.

As we suspected, the wheels did need to be realigned. Hometyre were able to do this on site at the same time as the rest of the work.

We left this customer with a much safer vehicle than we started. We did however recommend that the two older tyres be changed within the next year, as they will soon be 6 years old, over the recommended life span for a tyre.


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