Cracking Caravan Tyres

Caravan tyres, not the most exciting, but probably the most complex and interesting. We had a customer call in with two perished caravan tyres. As caravan tyres don't tend to be used as much as car tyres, the solvents and glues inside the tyre start to perish and crack. This can, in some circumstances, lead to a blowout on the motorway. This doesn't only occur in caravan tyres, this can also happen if part worn tyres are purchased, always check the DOT code!


Anyway, the customer opted to go for Compass tyres as they only do a couple hundred miles per year and premium brands would be a waste of money as they plan to change them every four years.

We arrived on site to the customer where we jacked up the caravan and removed the old tyres. These were clearly beyond being used as the sidewalls were splitting.

Being only 165/80 R13's, the tyres were a bit fiddlier to fit. But, we always like a challenge at Hometyre and pressed on in high spirits!

With the new tyres back on the caravan, the customer could now plan a safe journey to the north coast where they were going to stay for a week.

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