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Very good service with a quick response time

Rob McDonald (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 10/02/2017

Very please with service. Very friendly and efficient fitter. He could easily have said we needed wheels tracking at extra cost and we would have paid as we were expecting this to...

Alex Sinclair (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 25/11/2016

Would always use Hometyre and have recommended to others. Quick and reasonably priced service.

J Dave (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 03/11/2016

Mobile tyre fitting St Albans

At Hometyre St Albans, based in Southern Hertfordshire, we make having your tyres serviced, repaired and maintained as easy as we can for you. If you need us, then we will come right to your preferred location in our fully-equipped tyre fitting van. We understand that having your tyres maintained to the correct standards can be stressful, and therefore we strive to provide you with all your tyre servicing needs in a way which is hassle-free for you.

New Tyres St Albans. Fitted to your vehicle at your location.

It's that time again. Your tyre tread has worn out and your heart sinks at the thought of having to waste - on average - two plus hours driving to and from the garage for a simple tyre swap.

But stop: instead, you could waste no time at all!

Instead of you going to a garage, our mobile tyre servicing vans can come direct to your car, fully equipped for a range of tasks from tyre fitting and puncture repair to wheel alignment and TPMS valve replacement.

Locking Wheel Nut removal in St Albans

Locking wheel nuts can be trouble for all sorts of reasons: perhaps you have lost the key or your car never came with one, or maybe it was damaged when someone who shouldn't be let anywhere near a car wound it on far too tight. Whatever the reason, removing locking wheel nuts is a simple task for us as we do them regularly.

Our vans come equipped with a range of specialised tools that can easily remove even the most stubborn wheel nut without damaging the wheel itself - though we did once have a wheel nut that was wound on so tight our methods had to get a bit more surgical. We still got it off though!

When we refit your wheels we only ever fit the locking wheel nuts with a torque wrench for the final turns to make sure that if you ever need to take it off again, you don't have to call us to do it for you.

Why You Need to Change Caravan Tyres Every Five Years

The Caravan and Camping Club recommend that you get the tyres changed on your caravan every five years, even if they look brand new on the outside. This same advice applies to trailers, horse boxes or anything else that sits unused for long periods of time.

You may wonder, if the tyres aren't being used, why do I have to replace them? Well, the fact they're not being used is exactly why they need to be replaced. Tyres do not like to be left standing and do not like to be left out in the sunlight, so if they're sitting still for too long they can start to crack. This is why - even if they look brand new on the surface - the interior could still be dangerously aged.

So, check the date stamp on your caravan's tyres and if they're older than five years, book an appointment online or by calling us on 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454. Our mobile tyre fitting works just as perfectly for caravans, trailers and horse boxes as it does for any other vehicle.

Enjoy Your Caravan Without Worry With a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

All new cars have a form of TPMS built in, but even if they don't, you can usually feel if something's gone wrong with one of your tyres. With caravans, however, it's harder to tell - and you definitely don't want to find out by having it flip over while you're speeding down the motorway.

We can install a TPMS inside the tyres of your caravan (or anything else with tyres) that constantly reports their pressure back to you, so that the moment you detect a problem you can pull over to the side of the road and swap it for a spare before the problem escalates.

Once the system is installed, we can also provide ongoing servicing to repair any corrosion or any other problems it might have. Like all our other services, all you have to do is book online or give us a call on 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 and we'll take care of everything without you having to lift a finger.

Other Tyre Services in St Albans

At Hometyre St Albans, and in fact across the UK, we provide multiple tyre services. Whether you want the treads of your tyres checked to ensure they're legal, or you want TYRON bands fitted to make your tyres safer to drive on, we can provide this. There are many additional services we offer, and you can see a list of these below.

Puncture repairs St Albans

All of our mobile tyre servicing vans are able to carry out puncture repairs. We will also bring new tyres in case the puncture cannot be mended. So don't drive on a punctured tyre and risk further damage to your tyre or wheel. Instead, call us on 0333 444 5454 or 0800 783 9310.

Wheel alignment/tracking St Albans

Hometyre is one of the few mobile tyre servicing companies which has the necessary equipment for conducting mobile wheel alignment tracking. This service makes sure that that your tyres don't wear out prematurely and correctly aligned tyres will save you fuel.

Mobile wheel balancing

No tyres are perfect, not even now ones, unless they are correctly fitted to your wheels. It is often necessary to fit balancing weights so that the wheels run evenly, as otherwise you may experience vibration through the steering wheel. Hometyre will fit your new tyres and then balance the wheels with these special weights. and this can all be done at your preferred location. We can also balance wheels if your original weights have fallen off the wheels.

TYRON safety bands

Hometyre St Albans is an authorised supplier and fitter of TYRON safety bands. These are lightweight bands which keep the tyre on the wheel if you have a blowout while you are driving. Having them fitting make your tyres considerably safer.

Track day and car event support

We provide on-site tyre services, including wheel alignment, puncture repairs, and tyre replacement. This can be highly useful at a track day or any other car or racing event.

Fleet tyre checks

At Hometyre we can come to your place of business and service the tyres of your entire fleet.

Things to look for when checking your tyres

When you check your tyres there are various things you should be looking for. You will probably know to check the tread depth, but you should also look for signs of cracking on the sidewall of the tyre and inside the tread patterns and also for gouges and tears in the sidewall. You should then check the Date Code on the sidewall, and if your tyres are more than five years old you should strongly consider getting them changed. You can see here for more information on how to check your tyres.

What could be easier?

  • Need new tyres fitted today in St Albans at 3.30pm?
  • Have you lost the locking wheel nut key?
  • Do you need to swap your Summer tyres back to your Winter tyres?
  • Your TPMS warning light has come on and you don't know what to do?
  • Would you like to talk to a human that knows what they are talking about?
  • Not to sure what type of mid range 205/55/16 tyre you need?
  • Have you picked up a puncture on the way to work and need it fixing before you go home?
  • Would you like a TPMS system (Tyre pressure Monitoring System) so you know if your tyres have the right pressure?
  • Are you looking for a certain Bridgestone tyre?

The cold wet and windy winter season is on its way. If your tyres need changing then call Hometyre as we will come to you saving you time and money on going to a tyre depot.

Just call 0800 783 93 10 / 0333 444 5454 and Hometyre will arrange an appointment that fits in with your work load. We fit tyres when and where you want. Why leave home/office when you can book an appointment down to the minute and our state of the art mobile tyre service vans and fully trained technicians will glide in and quickly replace your worn tyres with your choice of new products....


Shaun arrived punctuality and worked through the torrential rain! Very pleased. Will use again!

Sharron (Mobile Tyre Fitting Watford) - 05/09/2018

Thank you Shaun, great service, 5 star. Will definitely recommend them and use them again. 

Masoud (Mobile Tyre Fitting Watford) - 27/08/2018

Great service! Efficient, informative and reliable! Will not hesitate to use again!

Sam (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 27/06/2018

Nick always replaces our tyres always reliable polite and efficient . I would highly recommend Nick

Mary Donnelly (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 12/05/2018

Excellent and courteous service. I will definitely be using Hometyre again. Highly recommended!

S Croxford (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 11/05/2018

Very good service with a quick response time

Rob McDonald (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 10/02/2017

Very please with service. Very friendly and efficient fitter. He could easily have said we needed wheels tracking at extra cost and we would have paid as we were expecting this to...

Alex Sinclair (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 25/11/2016

Would always use Hometyre and have recommended to others. Quick and reasonably priced service.

J Dave (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 03/11/2016
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