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Very good service with a quick response time

Rob McDonald (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 10/02/2017

Very please with service. Very friendly and efficient fitter. He could easily have said we needed wheels tracking at extra cost and we would have paid as we were expecting this to...

Alex Sinclair (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 25/11/2016

Would always use Hometyre and have recommended to others. Quick and reasonably priced service.

J Dave (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 03/11/2016

Mobile tyre fitting Luton, Stevenage and Letchworth

Mobile Tyre Fitting for Luton, Stevenage, Letchworth and Everywhere in Between

How much tyre tread do you think you should have on your tyres? The legal limit is 1.6mm (and if you're found with less than that you'll get 3 points on your license and up to a £2.5k fine for each illegal tyre, but for the safety of yourself, your passengers and everyone around you, we recommend that your tyres should have at least 3mm of tread.

You might be tempted to go under 3mm to save the hassle of having to go down to the garage, but with mobile tyre fitting from Hometyre, there's no excuse.

Instead of wasting a couple of hours or more getting your tyres changed, simply book an appointment with us online or by calling 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454. One of our fully equipped tyre servicing vans will drive direct to your car and take care of everything without you having to waste a second of your time.

Our mobile tyre fitting and repair service is available anywhere in Luton, Stevenage and Letchworth for cars, vans, caravans, motorhomes and light commercial vehicles.

Can't Get Your Locking Wheel Nut Off? Leave That to Us

Locking wheel nuts aren't something you ever think about until they're in your way. If you find out that you've got a locking wheel nut you can't get off - either because you lost the key, the key is damaged or the nut has been wound on too tight - don't try and use brute force to get it off as you'll probably end up damaging the nut or the wheel nut key, and maybe even the wheel.

The best option used to be driving down to the garage, but now with Hometyre's locking wheel nut removal service you can sit back and let us come to you.

All you need to do is book an appointment by calling 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454, then we'll pop by at your chosen time and remove the locking wheel nut without causing any further damage. When we put locking wheel nuts on we finish the job by hand with a torque wrench so that you can save time and money by removing it yourself.

Your Caravan Tyres Should Never Be More Than Five Years Old

If you have a caravan, horse box or anything else you pull behind your vehicle, go and check the date on your tyres. Was that date five years ago or more? Then it's time to get them changed, even if they look as good as new.

This recommendation comes via the Caravan and Camping Club and applies to any tyre that sits unused for long periods of time. To be healthy, tyres need to be exposed to friction with the road and the heat that it generates, otherwise the rubber starts to age prematurely and crack.

This can happen inside the tyre as well, so just because it looks good on the outside doesn't mean you should be driving on them.

Instead of risking a blowout while you're speeding down the motorway, book an appointment to replace your old tyres today by booking online or calling us on 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454.

Wheels Cracked by the Pothole Plague? Book Wheel Welding from Hometyre

Potholes are a pain (and not just when you hit them), They can cause damage to both your tyre and wheel. The tyre can easily be replaced, but a cracked rim is much harder to deal with. But now you can rely on Hometyre to fix any damage caused by one Hertfordshire's thousands of potholes.

Our wheel welding saves you the time and hassle of having to drive down to the garage and have your wheel repaired (if you can drive the vehicle). Like all our other services, all you need to do is book online or call 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 and tell us where to find your car and when you want us to come by.

We'll remove the damaged wheel, take it away to be welded, then bring it back as if you never had that nasty run in with a pothole.

How does Hometyre's mobile tyre service work?

Once you've checked the tyres on your vehicle and decided they need replacing, what next? At Hometyre Luton, Stevenage and Letchworth, all you have to do to book into Hometyre's unique appointment system is call 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 to talk to our sales team about your tyre requirements. Alternatively, you can go to our website

Our trained and helpful staff at Hometyre are on hand to give you advice and make recommendations on the right new tyres for your vehicle depending on your annual mileage and driving style. Then, once you've requested the preferred time and location of your tyre fitting or servicing, Hometyre's qualified and experienced tyre experts will come to you and have your tyres sorted out in no time!

No matter what service you require, whether it's purchasing new tyres and having them fitted to your vehicle, repairing a puncture, wheel alignment (tracking) or wheel balancing, Hometyre Luton, Stevenage and Letchworth can get it done at your convenience. We also cater to many types of vehicle, whether it's a light commercial vehicle, a high performance supercar, motorhome or a caravan.


The Feb half term break will soon be here, if you are planning a trip to benefit from the week off you should check your vehicle out before you head off to ensure you have a safe journey. Have a look at how to check your tyres page for all the information you need, a few minutes now could save you hours stuck on the side of a motorway.

What Hometyre can do for you?

All of our services are performed to the highest standards by Hometyre Luton, Stevenage and Letchworth's trained, competent and friendly technicians.

Think about Caravan/Motorhome safety with TYRON bands

If you're getting new tyres for your Caravan/Motorhome from Hometyre Luton, Stevenage and Letchworth, why not go the extra mile to make sure that your tyres are as safe as possible? Hometyre Luton, Stevenage and Letchworth is authorised to supply and fit TYRON safety bands which will keep your tyre on the wheel in the event of a blowout, and help you to stay in control of your vehicle. TYRON safety bands also help prevent damage to the bodywork by reducing the risk of a flailing tyre. Best of all, some insurance companies even offer substantial discounts for vehicles fitted with TYRON safety bands. So why not have Hometyre Luton, Stevenage and Letchworth fit TYRON safety bands along with your new tyres right at your home or workplace?

Hometyre believes in going above and beyond

Hometyre Luton, Stevenage and Letchworth is also one of the very few mobile tyre services that is able to carry out on-site wheel alignment (tracking). Not many tyre servicing companies think it's worth investing in the equipment that's required to do wheel alignment tracking at your home or workplace. However at Hometyre we believe that ensuring that our customers' tyres don't wear out prematurely due to alignment errors is part and parcel of providing an all-round, comprehensive tyre service. That's why we offer free no-obligation wheel alignment whenever you buy tyres with Hometyre!

Hometyre also offers free no-obligation tyre checks to fleets of vehicles, because we appreciate how hectic and stressful the day-to-day activities of a business owner can be and Hometyre's priority is making sure that our customers and their staff are able to drive safely on tyres that have been properly cared for.



To find out more about our services, and our special no-obligation offers, visit us at and see why we're the No. 1 mobile tyre service.

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