Why does my steering wheel vibrates at speed?

Have you ever driven your car and you can feel a small (or large) vibration through the steering wheel?

The chances are that your front wheels are out of balance. When a new tyre is fitted to a wheel it is not perfectly balanced due to the construction of the tyre, each tyre can be slightly heavier in one area as a result of a small overlap of the material that is used to manufacture the tyre.


This can be corrected by balancing the wheel after the tyre is fitted, the wheel and tyre are put on a balancing machine and spun around, they machine can detect minor weight differences around the tyre and then indicate how much weight should be added (and where) to correct this imbalance. Once these weight(s) have been added to the wheel it is spun again to check that the tyre is now correctly balanced.

If you detect a vibration through your steering wheel and you have not had new tyres fitted then the chances are that one of your balance weights has fallen off, this can be corrected by getting them re balanced!

If you'd like us to check the balance of your wheels, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 or, send an email to!


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