Why are my tyres wearing on the inside and outside edge more than the middle?

This kind of wear normally indicates that your tyres are running with too little air in them. i.e. under inflated.

Too little air causes the tyres to take the weight mainly on the edge of the tyre, thus causing them to wear faster than the centre of the tyre.

This can increase your fuel consumption and lead to premature wear of the tyre and also lead to the risk of a blow out and picking up a puncture


The correct tyre pressure for your car can normally be found behind the fuel filler cap or on a sticker in the door frame, if it is not in either of these 2 places then the owners hand book will have the info

Keep your tyres in good condition by checking your tyre pressure regularly

If your tyres have worn to much call Hometyre on 0800 783 8310 and we will come to you to change them


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