Puncture repair in N11 on a Mercedes E class

Customer called to say they needed 4 new tyre for their Mercedes E Class. Took the details 245/40/18 97Y for the front and 265/35/18 97Y for the rear.

Ordered the tyres and arranged to see him on Saturday when it was convenient for him.

Arrived at the job and started the inspection. The 4 tyres he had on all had 5 plus mm of tread, the legal limit is 1.6mm and we start recommending changing at 3mm as the performance starts to drop off dramatically in the wet after 3mm has been reached.

He said that he had seen 2 nails in his passenger side tyres so thought he had to change them. I said that we would look at the tyres and if we could repair them they would not need to be replaced.

Removed the front tyre and found the nail, right in the middle of the tread, pulled the nail out and it had punctured the tyre because air started to leak, as long as the tyre had not been damaged inside the tyre would be repairable as the nail was in the centre of the tyre. Handed to wheel to my work colleague who removed the tyre to inspect for damage, none found so he started the repair.

I now removed the rear wheel to find the other nail, found the nail, again in the middle of the tread. Pulled the nail out and this time no air comes out, the nail was stuck between the tread and had not penetrated the tyre at all. Lucky for the customer as no repair or replacement needed.

Put the rear tyre back on the car and by this time my colleague had repaired the front tyre and also refitted it to the car.

Checked the other tyre pressures including the spare space saver tyre (this was at 30psi when it should have been 60psi) and filled out the paper work.

Payment taken and off to the next job

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