New French ‘clean air’ sticker for vehicles

The French have introduced a new range of 6 stickers that need to be displayed on all vehicles (including disabled vehicles) to show their pollution levels.

At present the only 3 cities that are part of the scheme are Paris, Lyon and Grenoble but another 22 towns and cities are thinking/planning to also take part.

So what do you need to do?

First you have to identify what of the 6 Euro categories your vehicle falls into, below is a table showing which Euro emission standard covers your car.

Emissions standard

Applied to new passenger car approvals from

Euro 1

July 1992

Euro 2

January 1996

Euro 3

January 2000

Euro 4

January 2005

Euro 5

September 2009

Euro 6

September 2014

Now you will have to go to the official website ( to get your sticker. Beware of unofficial sites that will charge you extra to apply for the sticker.

The cost is 4.80 Euro's and it can take up to 6 weeks to arrive so plan ahead. You will also as part of the process need to up load a copy of your V5 document, keep the upload file below 400kb or you will not be able to upload the file.

Once you have your sticker you can then drive in the 3 cities that are part of the scheme depending on the restriction in place at that time.

If you do not display a sticker you can be fined between 68 and 135 euros, this is an on the spot fine.

Some older cars do not fall into the Euro standard, these vehicles cannot apply for a sticker and are unable to drive in Paris between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday.

So good luck on driving in France and don't get a fine


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