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Mercedes Benz in London NW1 with 225/55/R16 99W after being slashed

New customer called to say that all 4 of his tyres had been slashed overnight so he could not move the car. Talked to the customer and he decided to go for SUNTEK STK SPORT 225/55/16 99W tyres. Arranged an appointment for later in the day. Picked up the tyres and set off to see the customer at the arranged time. Arrived and found his car sitting by the side of the road with 4 very sick looking slashed tyres.

Customer came out and started to talk to me, seems that about 50 cars had all been done over the previous evening leaving all the neighbours stranded. Customer got the locking wheel nut key out of the boot and we started to remove the wheels and change the tyres, once balanced we put the wheels back on the car and tightened the wheel nuts up to the correct torque and put the locking wheel nut back in the boot. Customer had nothing to pay as he had ordered the tyres online at While we where there a large number of his neighbours came out to ask us about replacing there tyres as well, lots of quotes given out and appointments booked at times the customers wanted. If you have been in the unfortunate position of have your tyres slashed and you do not know what to do give Hometyre a call on 0800 783 93 10 and we can at least take the strain away of having to work out how to replace multiple tyres if some low life has decided to slash / damage your tyres.


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