4 tyres on a Horse box in Radlett WD7

Customer needed 4 tyres fitted to their horse box in Radlett, they did not want to have to take it to a fitting centre so our mobile service is convenient.

The horsebox needed 4 175/80/13 95 commercial tyres, we picked GT Maxmillers for this job (very good tyre and the same brand we use for our own vans)

Arrived at the job and eventually found the horse box amongst a group of others, the tread on the tyres was excellent but all 4 tyres where suffering from cracking, the date on the tyres was from 1999 so they were well and truly ready to be replaced.

Took the first 2 wheels off the horse box and removed the tyres, the wheels had some rust inside (not much) so cleaned this up before fitting the new tyres, after refitting these to the horse box took the remaining 2 wheels off and performed the same function.

Start to pack up a lady approached us to say the tyre on her Subaru was flat. Said I would have a look at it when finished. Filled out the paper work and took payment. Also noted that some of the other horse trailers had very old tyres on them and if the owners would like them replaced to just give us a call.

Went over to the Subaru to check for leaks, the car was 10 years old with solid metal valves. Pumped up the tyre and sprayed some water on the valve, just as suspected bubbles formed. Valve looked in very good condition so just tightened it up and sprayed water on it again, no bubbles this time so just a lose valve. Did not charge her for this as it only took a couple of minutes to check and we were already on site, she took some cards and said she would call when she needed some tyre.

If you need tyre on your horsebox call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 and we will come to you.


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