4 TPMS valves (Tyre pressure monitoring valves) on a Bentley in EN1

New customer called to say that he had to MOT his Bentley but he was getting an error on his dash board saying his TPMS valves had failed. Arranged to meet him in 15 minutes (he was only around the corner) to investigate the problem.

Got to the car and pulled out our TPMS valve reader. This is a hand held device that can read the signal that the TPMS valves emit. No signal from any of them. The car is a 05 Bentley so the valves are already 12 years old, the battery in new valves will normally last for about 7 years so a dead battery is the cause of the problem.

The TPMS valves are a sealed unit so the batteries cannot be replaced, 4 new valves will have to be fitted. If the valves where still transmitting we would be able to clone the valves there and then by taking a reading from each valve and then programming the blank clone with the same information, as the batteries are dead on the old valve this will not be an option.

Looked up the make and model for replacements, the TPMS valves used by Bentley in 05 changed mid-year, to ensure we got the correct part ordered we took the VIN number (the unique number that identifies each car) and contacted our supplier to check for stock. They has them on the shelf so they would send them to us for next day delivery, they would also be pre-programmed to the car.

Arranged to visit the customer the next afternoon once they had been delivered.

Next morning the valves arrived, put them in the van and set off to do my morning customer. Arrived at the Bentley that afternoon and replaced all 4 valves in 60 minutes. The TPMS valves for the Bentley are what we call 'self-learning', this means that the car has to be driven to recognise the new valves, the warning light will not go out until this has happened.

As the customer was going to get his car MOT'ed latter on the drive to the testing station would allow the car to 'self-learn' on the way.

Called the customer latter in the day to check everything was ok. The warning light had gone out and the car had passed its MOT.

If you have the TPMS warning light on your dash board call Hometyre and we can come to you to replace/service your TPMS valves.

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