4 225/40/R18 Continentals tyres on Mercedes in NW7

Customer called to say that he needed 4 Continental 225/40/18 tyres on his Mercedes.

Ordered the tyres and arranged to meet him the next day to fit them.

Turned up at the job and the first thing we do is inspect the tyres that are already on the car.

They all had at least 6 millimetres of tread on them, they did show a little bit of crazing on the edges but nothing major.

Asked the customer why he wanted to change the tyres and he said the car had been in for a service and they had said that they needed changing. He had decided not to let them fit new tyres because of the price they had quoted.

Showed the customer the condition of his tyres and asked what kind of driving he did, he said that the car only did a 1000 miles a year and that was just to pop to the supermarket. Explained to him the he had plenty of tread left and the VERY small amount of crazing on the edge of the tyre was nothing to worry about at the moment, if it started to get worse then yes the tyres would need changing but not yet. I also recommended that he stopped using the tyre shine on the walls of the tyre as this can dry the rubber out and prematurely age the tyre.

Was very impressed that somebody had been honest with him and said he would call us back when they needed changing.

So if you would like a HONEST opinion of your tyres contact Hometyre on 08007839310 and we will come to you.


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