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Just 3 simple steps to having your new tyres
supplied and fitted by Hometyre mobile tyre fitters...

1. Choose your tyres 2. Choose your preferred date and time of shipping 3. Sit back, relax and wait for us to come to you

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Excellent service once again from Mark...

Andrew Lee (Mobile Tyre Fitting Pulborough) - 24/09/2018

Very professional and friendly service...

Daniel (Mobile Tyre Fitting Brighton) - 22/09/2018

Very professional and friendly service...

Daniel (Mobile Tyre Fitting Brighton) - 22/09/2018

Mobile tyre fitting Littlehampton, Worthing, Lancing, Sompting, Durrington, Findon & Ferring

HOMETYRE - Your Local Friendly Mobile tyre service - bringing tyre changing to you at home or work at no additional cost!

Hometyre supplies & fits tyres, carries out puncture repairs, wheel alignments, Sensor valve replacement or repair, Tyron band fitting & locking wheelnut removals for Cars, Vans, 4x4's, Caravans, Motorhomes & Horse trailers across Worthing and surrounding areas.

Hometyre provides a Mobile tyre service AT A TIME TO SUIT YOU and at a price that is very competitive.


  • Most brands of tyre and sizes available, including:
  • Premium brands such as Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Goodyear and Bridgestone, plus mid range brands such as Maxxis, Firestone, Falken, Kumho and Avon, we also have many Budget tyres available.
  • Original Manufacturer tyres for: Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Bentley & Ferarri tyres.
  • Runflat tyres for BMW's, Mini's, etc.
  • Caravan tyres, Motorhome tyres, Horse trailer tyres.
  • Tyron band supply & fitment.
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring sensor valve replacement, repair or servicing(TPMS Valves). Complete system installation for motorhomes and caravans.
  • Alloy wheel crack repair Cracks caused by potholes can be repaired using our specialist alloy welder. Cheaper than a new wheel.

Our tyre prices include:

  1. New tyre, with Mobile fitting at your location.
  2. Electronic wheel balancing.
  3. Replacement rubber valve, or TPMS valve diagnostic check.
  4. Old tyre enviromental disposal.
  5. VAT.

New Car Tyres

Hometyre beat most fixed site tyre depots on cost, plus we save you time, by coming to you at a time and place of your choice. (Within a 15 minute time slot).Freelander_4_LP

We have premium, mid-range and budget tyres available in most sizes up to a 24" wheel. I have worked on cars from an Audi to an Aston, a Landrover to a Lamboghini, a Mazda to a Maseratti and most other makes including prestige, sports, kit, classic, veteran and vintage cars.

If you have TPMS valves then you should let us also service the valve at a small additional cost, this should be done every time you have a tyre changed.

We recommend fitting new tyres to the rear at all times, as this is standard industry Also consider having your front wheel alignment checked, no point in having uneven wear on new tyres.

Winter to Summer tyre swap overs.

If you already have a set of winter tyres on your car, we can swap them back to summer tyres for you. Fitting replacement rubber valves (or checking your TPMS sensors if fitted) your wheels will also be rebalanced before refitting to your car.

Laser wheel alignment (Tracking)

laseralignmentHometyre Sussex carries the latest Supertracker Laser wheel alignment equipment.

It is recommended to have your tracking checked every time you have new tyres fitted or if you hit a kerb or pothole. The signs of a tracking problem, are uneven tyre wear, the steering wheel on an angle when driving in a straight line, or your car pulling to one side. Even without hitting a kerb or pothole, tracking can go out of alignment through normal wear and tear on the suspension.

With our laser alignment equipment we can put your car back to its correct factory settings, saving you fuel and giving improved handling and tyre wear.

4x4 tyres in Worthing

Landrover_disco_whiteUHP, A/T, 4WD and AWD tyres.

Should you need on-road, off-road, mud-terrain, snow-terrain, all-terrain or road terrain tyres, all can be supplied and fitted by Hometyre.

Our equipment can handle tyres up to a rim size of 24". This covers most 4x4's including Range Rover, Land Rover, Landcruiser, Mercedes M series, Audi's Q series, Porsche Cayenne, BMW's X series, as well as Mitusubishi L200, Honda CRV's, Suzuki, Dacia, Kia & Hyundai, etc.

The type of tyre you require will depend on the type of driving you do most regularly. For advice take a look on our main web site (Here) or give us a call and we can discuss the best options for you. If you want a particular tyre or require something special, then call us, as we have other wholesalers across the country.

van tyres

Van & light commercial tyres in Worthing

New tyres for your van? We have various makes of van tyre, Light commercial tyre or reinforced / extra load tyres.

If you own a business, why waste time at a tyre depot, when with one phone call you can arrange for Hometyre to visit you on site, saving you both time and money?

Whether it's a small delivery van or one of the larger panel vans - even a minibus with twin rear wheels - our service vehicles are equipped and ready to change your tyres. Also remember as a business owner you are required by law to ensure that all vehicles driven by your staff for work purposes have legal tyres (this also includes their own private vehicles if used for work). Ask us to carry out a fleet check for you.

Runflats (BMW, Mini, Lexus, Ford, etc)


Do you require Run flat tyres (Run on flat, SSR or RSC) for you car? Our service vehicles can handle runflats up to a MASSIVE 24" rim size. We can supply and fit most makes of Run flat.

Do not mix runflat tyres with normal tyres as this can cause handling issues. If you have Runflats, you must also have a working Tyre pressure sensor system.

Puncture repairs

Flat tyre

Do you have a flat tyre in the Worthing area?

As long as it is a puncture in the central 3/4 area of the tread and of less than 6mm in diameter, then we can carry out a high performance repair to British standards. Damage to the sidewalls and shoulders of tyres cannot be repaired.
We will also generally ask for your tyre size, and bring a replacement tyre with us, just in case it can't be repaired.

Slow punctures can be caused by various problems; leaking valves, corrosion around the rim, an object embedded in the tyre or a cracked alloy. Cracked alloys can be repaired by our specialist welder.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

TPMS Sensor Valve

TPMS units are fitted to many new vehicles as from from Jan 2012 all new vehicles must have some form of tyre monitor (either sensor valves or ABS based) and they must be in a full working condition to pass an MOT.

Some older cars fitted with the valve type are now starting to see them fail, due to batteries running down (They have a 5 to 7 year lifespan) or Galvanic corrosion causing them to become brittle and snap. To help improve their lifespan you should let us carry out a TPMS service, which includes replacing the valve stem and the nut with a new rubber seal, there is a small additional cost for the replacement parts.

Should your tyre sensors fail, give us a call at Hometyre, as we specialise in the repair and replacement of these sensor valves at prices that beat most main dealers. We carry Isensor diagnostic equipment on our vans, that can check and replicate data in the sensors.

Locking Wheel Nut removal


If you have lost or broken your locking wheel nut socket - call us at Hometyre.

Our vans carry specialist equipment available to the motor trade only, this tool can remove the nuts / bolts without damaging your wheels. (Even the hardened steel McGard nuts with the revolving collars, the spinning nuts and the domed nuts on Jaguars).

Over the last 9 years I have removed over 500+ locknuts without fail, including the difficult Citroen and Peugeot locknuts.

Caravan, Motorhome or trailer Tyres.


As well as Tyres for your Caravan, we also supply and fit tyres to Motorhomes, trailers and horseboxes.

We have Extra load, light commercial and camper tyres. Please make sure you tell out sales team the pressures you run your vehicle at, as this can greatly effect the type of tyre we can fit.

Hometyre Sussex is often recommended by most of the local caravan service engineers.

We can also fit Tyron safety bands as we are recommended by Tyron UK as one of their main suppliers and fitters.


What could be more simple? Car, Van, 4x4, Caravan, Motorhome & trailer Tyres, wheel alignment, lock nut removals, Tyron bands, TPMS Valve replacement or puncture repairs. Timing to suit you - you let us know when and where you want our fully equipped state of the art service vehicle and trained technician to come to you - not just a.m. or p.m. but down to a 15 minute time slot!

We will even come out some evenings and weekends if required. Phone us if you want an out of hours time, and we will see what we can do to accommodate you, at no additional cost!

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